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Crystal Reports .NET/anybody?

Would like to hear briefly from people about. We have a need for generating some pretty simple/straightforward reports - nothing overtly fancy.

-Have you used the free Crystal Reports .NET that comes with VS.NET? What do you think (especially for fairly simple reports)

-What are the licensing implications?

Saturday, May 14, 2005
If you can, stick with HTML. You can easily generate HTML reports and display them within your application. Not many features or fancy widgets but it works quite well and easy to maintain.
Hakan Send private email
Saturday, May 14, 2005
A lot of develpers don't like Crystal Reports - with good reason too (as far as I can tell).

I'd suggest that you look at other options.  Two I know if are Active Reports (which I've heard good things about) and a product from Developer Express (which I haven't tried but their other stuff is good).  There's Sql Server Reporting Services too.
John Rusk Send private email
Saturday, May 14, 2005
We always seem to have confusion at work regarding Crystal licensing. From what I understand, if you want to view the reports from a web server then the Visual Studio Crystal license is inadequate (something like 1 CPU & 5 users & no load balancing). If the reports are being generated locally, then you may be OK with Crystal.

Personally, I have taken to doing reports in xhtml/xslt and adding C# Extension Objects when needed...
Jeff Mastry Send private email
Sunday, May 15, 2005
Reporting Services is pretty good.  The server is excellent.  The designer was kind of buggy when I was using it, but the latest service pack appears to address all the problems I was having.  That said, I haven't produced any new reports since the service pack was released.

I really like the way everything works in Reporting Services and it will only continue to improve.
Monday, May 16, 2005
Thanks for the link - will look it up.

I've read in multiple places that SQL server reporting services is a resource hog (while it's got good reviews all around). We don't need that kind of complexity - at this point, a simple HTML markup will do. Since CR came bundled with VS.NET, I was wondering if I could use it. But general opinion seems to be against it.

We'll probably make do with local HTML generation -- jeff's opinion.

Monday, May 16, 2005
FYI... VS.NET 2005 will come with the SQL Server Report designer built in. You can also use it to design local reports which can run without the SQL Reporting Services Server. I haven't used it yet but I have been anxious to mess around with it. I hope that it turns out to be a good replacement for Crystal.
Monday, May 16, 2005
Yes - In fact I've been to the VS.NEt 2005 preview held my MS. It seems like a great new version with lot of good stuff built in. But unfortunately, we aren't going to be using it for a while.

Then again, I come back to the same issue - SQL reporting is supposed to be a quite a bit of a resource hog, and in our system that's an additional complexity we can't afford.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005
I use Crystal on a relatively complex .Net project, I must admit it saved a lot of time. It has some nice features, such as grouping and charting. Its all very ANTI-DEVELOPER, its aimed at the database folk really. It can take a day or so to get to grips with, forget the help, just find yourself a set of good examples. Reasons I use it: it does what I want, it exports to PDF and Word Documents.
James Marchant Send private email
Tuesday, June 07, 2005

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