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javascript .. after roaming the wastelands of the web

O' javascript gurus, help the hapless!

I have a simple need - I need to display an icon on an image at a specific coordinate. IE 6 is enough.

So I have an image, and a hidden DIV with the necessary background. The image is an ASP.NET image button (therefore an input type="image" and not actually an IMG)

My javascript function takes the image-relative position (i.e. as you would do in a hotspot) but to put the box I need  the coordinate adjusted factoring the position of the image itself.

The function is this:
function GetRealTopAndLeft(img,left,top) {
            var mleft = (img.offsetLeft + left);
            varm mtop = (img.offsetTop + top);
            var tmp = img;
            if(!tmp) {
                alert("image def is null!");
            while (tmp.offsetParent) {
                tmp = tmp.offsetParent;    
                if(!tmp) {
                    alert("no tmp!");
return [mleft,mtop]

This USED to work - i don't know what I changed, can't find anything - but while it works flawlessly in firefox it just doesn't work in IE, I get 0 for everything.. it does loop thru the while, so I know it's getting the parent objects, but the darned things get 0 for all offsetLeft/Top.

What am I doing wrong?!

Thursday, May 12, 2005
The code you posted has so many bugs in it it's hard to follow.

Post soemthing that has a chance of working...
Friday, May 13, 2005
Did you copy the code?

It has errors like missing closing brace for function. +
varm mtop = (img.offsetTop + top); SHOULD BE
var mtop = (img.offsetTop + top);

BTW, is it possible to upload the page so that I can have a look?

JD Send private email
Friday, May 13, 2005

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