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System Instrumentation

This is kind-of a follow on from the post about people's impressions of Oracle, but it's more an inquiry about the capabilities of other systems.

I just finished reading quite a well-known book about the Oracle Wait Interface and the authors assert that outside of the world of mainframes there were (at the time of writing) no other systems as completely instrumented internally as oracle -- in 10g there are hundreds of wait events on which (documented here that we use to find out "what's taking so damn long with my query" (for example).

Does anyone know what other DBMS's offer in this line? (I believe that mainframe DB2 has a similar functionality?)
David Aldridge Send private email
Thursday, May 12, 2005
Looking at SQL Server's (SQL 2000) list, there's nothing I've needed that I haven't been able to find.

There's basically four interfaces into "what's taking so damn long with my query":

(1) SQL EM (Enterprise Manager) -- what's exposed by the management utility

(2) SQL QA (Query Analyser), in which there's gobs and gobs of system stored procedures you can run to dig out information

(3) SQL Profiler, which gives your "real time", a way to monitor a set of exposed "events" that you can monitor. When you add up the dozens of columns of data across the dozens of exposed events, you're looking at an overwhelming amount of info.

(4) Windows performance counters -- dozens of objects with dozens of counters for "real time" monitoring.

When you add up all of these, and the things you can trace and watch, you're really looking at the "hundreds" as described in your post.

I've been working with SQL Server since 1996, in some very complex environments, and haven't yet needed to look for some bit of instrumentation information that I couldn't find in one of the above 4 places.

I do wish, however, that they would consolodate all of that functionality into a single application. It would make life much easier for those of us who need to know "what's taking so damn long with my query". It's a real pain to figure out where to go to find some squirrelly bit of information you're looking for.
Saturday, May 14, 2005

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