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Jscript, moving from client-side to server-side (.NET)

Hey all

I’m working translating a web-app written in client-side Jscript to run on the server-side as JScript.NET. Without needing to get too specific, I am using Jscript because the original page aggregated raw data to produce statistical results (this was done dynamically based on user 'sort-by' options). The final output is an html report that can be emailed.

Because this is currently being done on the client side, as the raw data grows the load-time grows as well (to the point that has almost become unusable). I’m posting here to see if anyone has any experience/feedback porting Jscript to a .NET environment.

Note: all other pages on the site are written in Vbscript; this new page will be our sites first ASP.NET page (we have already resolved the asp/ session state issue).

Would it make more sense to write the module as a web service that can returns the html report? Or should I just generate the report on within the specific aspx page?

Thanks ahead of time!
Pete Send private email
Monday, May 02, 2005

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