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Where does a user class go?

I have two ActiveX components, one for business logic and database access and one for essentially user interface control of some wireless hardware.  They are both out-of-process (EXEs).  The product integrates with a number of different databases, hence the business logic/db access componanent - you just use the correct edition/file for the database.

Now the sticky part: I have a user class but both components need to use it.  The ui for allowing logins and permissions to do certain operations and the logic/db access component because it is required for some business logic (e.g. supervisors can write to the db).

In which component should the user class go? How do I solve this elegantly?

Paul Norrie Send private email
Tuesday, April 26, 2005
If you're going to maintain the component split you have, put the user class in the database componet. It's likely that your business logic component depends on your database component but not vice versa, and you want to keep it that way.
comp.lang.c refugee
Wednesday, April 27, 2005

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