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Software Development Industries

Hi all,

A general question which sparks my curiosity for you all.
What do you think are the industries with more software developers, except for the financial and software development vendor/consultancy sector?

Thank you,

Alessandro Piceci Send private email
Monday, March 21, 2016
I would guess Government is a huge software employer, directly or indirectly. Then, thinking of people I know personally, apart from Finance (which is where I work), I'd say the largest contingent work on systems related to or competing with SAP. I understand that SAP is about as far from the cool startuppy ROR React Angular world as you can get, and probably a fate worse than death for anyone under 50, but a lot of people seem to work with it.
GregT Send private email
Monday, March 21, 2016
Two other sectors with a lot of man power are Healthcare and Games\Entertainment\Online Gambling.

By the way Greg is right that SAP consultancy has made its own industry, which started in the early 90's when SAP made an R&D center in India and later the people from there immigrated in USA making $100-150K/year at times when the average dev was earning $45-60K/y.
Atanas Krachev Send private email
Tuesday, March 22, 2016
Any industry where resource management has grown beyond what one person can do with pen and paper.

When companies have to start managing any form of data, (be it financial, inventory, statistics, labor tracking, production volumes, batting averages, accident claims, etc...) and have the data being delivered and entered from multiple sources there needs to be a way to store and analyze it for it to be useful. That means software. 

A lot of companies may not think of themselves as involved with software development but they are. It's either directly with in house developers, directly with external contract developers, or indirectly with software vendors.

The larger the scale of data the more control and use of that data you want and are willing to pay for that control. Even small 2 man manufacturing shops eventually relent that they need something. Even if its a $50 off the shelf accounting program.

If you're wondering about industries with dedicated developers, manufacturing, medical, professional sports organizations, media outlets, grocery/retail (at corporate level), etc...
TrippinOnIT Send private email
Tuesday, March 29, 2016

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