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Software "Game" Development Book

The first chapter in this book turned out to be a good read.

"Development and Deployment of Massively Multiplayer Games: from social games to MMOFPS, with stock exchanges in between". (http://goo.gl/oMjDLr)

I originally started reading this beta book because I like to think one day I will make a game so occasionally read books/posts on the topic. But the first chapter could be really about developing any software application being done by a solo programmer or a full team.

The most interesting thing to me was about stakeholders and business requirements versus implementation. In particular, this line.

"Business Requirements SHOULD be expressed exclusively in [User]’s Terms"

To often developers (especially lone developers) get caught up in the technology and assumptions of what the users 'should' know/want, instead of producing something they will want to use and understand.
TrippinOnIT Send private email
Tuesday, February 02, 2016
Yes!  You can always tell when an app was developed by a hacker who was focused on the technology because it will be butt-ugly.  It is amazing how much user interface/interaction and polish matter.  Many years ago I added some eye-candy to my app.  Turns out it is what sells the app and what people love most!  And now that I've learned, it's obvious it wasn't just 'eye-candy' but major usability and polish improvements.
Doug Send private email
Thursday, February 04, 2016

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