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SEO: Most search engines like me, but not Google

I'm currently trying to boost my organic search performance, as it is very low. Nearly all of the traffic comes via referrals, so I have setup a blog and wrote a few articles. After a month now Bing lists my website on page 1 or 2, duckduckgo within the top 10 and also Yahoo results are within the first 5 pages. But Google ignores the website completely. We have around 700 backlinks according to webmaster tool.

Anyone there who has the same experiences with Google and others?
barnacleboy Send private email
Sunday, December 27, 2015
Have you tried Google Webmaster Tools?
Jeremy Stein Send private email
Tuesday, January 05, 2016
How did you analyse this activity can you please explain
nivinpauly Send private email
Tuesday, January 12, 2016
I have made some classic SEO mistakes I guess: I have bought a domain for my company that has a country domain extension, so high ranking with a country domain is more difficult than using a generic .com or .net domain. I fixed this by buying a .com domain and setting up a local website via hreflang tags.

Another mistake was that I have used too much synonyms instead of just repeating the keywords. The keyword analysis showed mostly unimportant keywords ranking higher than the important ones, because of too much detail explanations within the texts.

Also, my success in Bing was only on in local search. Bing.com did not list them.
barnacleboy Send private email
Thursday, January 14, 2016

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