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Topvisor.com - your reviews are needed!

We're introducing a new website: https://topvisor.com - a set of handy and powerful SEO-tools. We need your feedback!

Our main tools include:

Automated keyword clustering: you can easily make your website keyword-rich. Run a keyword grouping tool based on TOP-10 of SERP and get a comprehensive keyword structure for every page of your site.

Rank tracker: accurate and reliable tracking of site rankings at amazingly high speed across multiple search engines including even uncommon ones.

Keyword research: grab keywords and get competitive keyword insights from all available sources.

Site auditor: examine your projects to detect possible issues with indexing, inbound and outbound links, titles, meta-tags and pictures.

Watcher: track all changes and edits made to your site on a regular basis.

More information here: topvisor.com
Sasha_V Send private email
Wednesday, October 14, 2015
Your site look nice, but my first reaction to it was that do I really want to hand over all my SEO data to a 3rd party website? I think it's the numbers at the top of the page that caused this reaction.  The combination of those numbers just made me think of data-mining.

Also your mobile app is only available for Apple devices.  Where's the Android version? The trouble here is that this is going to immediately alienate interested customers that have Android phones.  Sadly, the stereotypes here are true.  People with Apple devices seem to have a disproportionate love of Apple.  People with Android phones tend to hate Apple with a passion bordering on psychosis.
Andrew Gibson Send private email
Wednesday, October 14, 2015
Hello Andrew,

Actually6 you're the first one to have such a reaction, but we'll analyze it and if it turns out to be really confusing for the users, we'll work on it.

As for Android app. No we're not crazy Apple fans. We''ll definitely release one for Android. We hope to have it ready even until New Year actually.
Sasha_V Send private email
Friday, October 16, 2015
90% of devices on the street are actually android
Damjan Send private email
Monday, October 19, 2015

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