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Holiday-themed promotions in software business


I am creating guidelines for software and game development businesses on organizing holiday-themed promotions.

My main questions are:
- Do you use holidays as an opportunity to promote your business?
- What holidays do you focus on?
- How do you measure success of such promotions?
However, it would be great if you could share any related experience.

Thank you in advance :)
Maryna Lus Send private email
Thursday, September 17, 2015
You can also do birthdays. I think birthdays are easier and probably more effective than holidays.
Li-fan Chen Send private email
Friday, September 18, 2015
I'm too lazy for my own stuff but yes, holiday promotions are great!

By promotions I mean giving an excuse for a sale, ie a time-limited price reduction.

Everybody loves a bargain, and everybody is lazy, and holiday sales can address both those aspects.

Halloween, New Year, whatever, it's an excuse.

In contrast, if you simply claim ""Sale!" and "XX% off!" then it raises the question "Why?"

Is the product crap? Are you having problems selling it? It doesn't apply to software perhaps, but are you trying to get rid of old stock, before displaying the newer, better stuff?

A sale with no reason can devalue the product, and/or make you look bad for overcharging for it in the first place. However give an excuse, any excuse, and you remove that part. But then you raise a new question - if you can reduce the price today, why not tomorrow, next week? Perhaps at the end of the month, after payday, if I happen to remember, and don't find something else in the meantime?

The great thing about holidays is they are, by definition, time-limited. They give you an excuse for the sale - and the perfect excuse for ending the sale too.


Reluctantlyregistered Send private email
Wednesday, September 23, 2015

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