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How to monetize antivirus software?

How to offer software to reseller as author,I am offering 30% to 50% share per sale, any success?
Damjan Send private email
Wednesday, September 16, 2015
That's an incredibly bloated market...

Reluctantlyregistered Send private email
Thursday, September 17, 2015
In my experience, antivirus software doesn't actually find the real malware out there, and nearly all of it is malware itself that reports home private data I don't want stolen, inserts itself deep in the system, and is extremely hard to uninstall.

To sell antivirus, make a product that works and isn't malware.

Problem is you're going to say that it does that since all the vendors in this niche make those claims and all of them lie, and it's impossible to show one is the only honest man in a land of liars.
Scott Send private email
Friday, September 18, 2015
Do you have a reseller in mind or are you just asking in general?

I have no idea on the viability of anti-virus software, and I've not worked with software resellers directly yet, but some ideas on a general approach:

If they already resell a lot of software you might just ask them if they have a program for developers they partner with and if they'd be interested in partnering up on your product.

If you're approaching people who you think have a good market for your software but don't resell for a living, think about what you can offer to do for them first -- do they have anything you'd like to promote to your client base (if you have one).  "Dear Vendor, I love your fantastic XYZ so much and I really think it would be so helpful to my ABC type clients.  Would you have any interest in promoting it to them? 

If that situation doesn't fit, then just approach them with something like:

Your quality XYZ product is fantastic. (elaborate why here).  I was thinking it would go hand in hand with my antivirus software.  Would you be interested in discussing how partnering up and offering my AntiVirus software as an option with it might add value (and profits) to your XYZ?

You might consider including a blurb about why your particular antivirus software would be good for their clients, but keep initial contact focused on them and how they benefit.
Emily Jones Send private email
Wednesday, September 23, 2015

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