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Could You review my website?

Hello, I created topic about my application's selling politics  about a half of year before. Finnaly I decided to put it for free in the Internet counting that this will increase numbers of downloads of my work. It seems that without good marketing/SEO it is impossible to get audience to one website and product in the farest rims of The Internet.
Can You say something about my website, is it good for common audience of my product(s)? I prefere geek/oldfashion styled websites but it seems that today people use those smoothly scrolled, almost empty and spacious web layouts.
Do You know any simple tricks to get users as I released my app on open source basis? It sadly looks that even if You have something worth without good mrketing it can be easily forgotten.
NorthNotch Software Ltd. Send private email
Wednesday, August 19, 2015
I forgot.
NorthNotch Software Ltd. Send private email
Wednesday, August 19, 2015
You basically have to have a responsive website these days. Google provide a tool for checking your sites:


You design fails all of the tests. Google penalise none responsive sites in the mobile search results which now accounts for more the 50% of web traffic. So it's less about your personal aesthetic choices and more about Darwinian principles of survival.
Andrew Gibson Send private email
Wednesday, August 19, 2015
+1 for Andrew's comment. You have to have a mobile friendly website these days.

An easy way to get a nice looking website designed fast is to choose a responsive HTML theme from a site like Themeforest (http://themeforest.net/category/site-templates) and modify it to suit your needs. The themes there are super cheap and there are lots of good looking ones (IMHO).

We did this for our site and it has worked out very well (Sorry I cant link back to our site). The theme we chose is well written and was easy to modify to our needs (its just HTML+JS). I would recommend considering this option.
maxr Send private email
Wednesday, August 19, 2015
Theme aside (and I agree with all the above - we recently updated to a responsive theme and moved into the 21st century), I found it very hard to understand what your product did, from simply looking at the landing page. I ended up clicking on some of the screen shots and got the idea that it was a system restart timer. Only after that did I realise that clicking the logo/widget at the top left would take me to a product description.
I think when your page is relatively small anyway, you might as well put all the salient info on the landing page - at the very least, the paragraph about what your product is. The "nothing below the fold" mentality is dead now with mobile - it's much easier on many devices to simply scroll down than it is to click through (and back) to a number of different (small) sub pages.
Anon123 Send private email
Wednesday, August 19, 2015
As an aside, white text on a black background is almost twice as hard to read as black text on a white background.

Reluctantlyregistered Send private email
Wednesday, August 19, 2015
Ok here's my review per your request.

I am not bothered by the layout or the text color, both seem fine to me. However, I am not on mobile and it sounds like some others are.

My issue is that I couldn't tell what your company was or what the products were.

I could see stuff about a paid app now open source, but no description of what it was other than the name. And a note about a library of widgets.

After fiddling around for a while in confusion I finally realized that the picture in the upper left was actually a link to the product page and description. Since the text was not underlined I thought it was just text. Eventually I noticed that it got darker when hovering. It wasn't obvious what it would lead to, but I clicked and found the product page.

Your UI looks nice and I guess the slick look is because of those UI widgets. I then went back and clicked on the screen shot for the widgets and examined them.

I would recommend adding a small amount of text describing the project to the front page, and/or to the link title text.

The screen shots I think should either be full size or pop up in a slide show sort of overlay display rather than just be links to the png file.
Scott Send private email
Wednesday, August 19, 2015
OK, the documentation links go to a nice looking doc site that as auto generated by Doxygen. The problem is it's just lists of the method signatures and parameter names and types. There's no english description to anything, no getting started, no examples, nothing. This sort of documentation is not really useful. Something like a tutorial, a quickstart, an overview of what the library is and why it's better than others,  etc, would be much more useful than a raw API dump.
Scott Send private email
Wednesday, August 19, 2015
Thank You very much for your responses. I've just made some basic improvements. Later will make more.

Yes, this is just pseudo documentation now, only pure effect of doxygen generator. I thought that it is better to put any documentation then nothing.
NorthNotch Software Ltd. Send private email
Wednesday, August 19, 2015
To be honest, I find your site quite unpleasant and amateur looking. I am NOT a big fan of 37 Signals, but they do manage to make quite sparkly, clean web pages - your site is the polar opposite of those. No offense, you asked!
GregT Send private email
Friday, August 28, 2015
Your site looks geeky and old school, as you said you like. So, mission accomplished there. That will turn off most people and attract the 4% who carry the Richard Stallman gene (but then again, most people will never see your site, and a greater proportion of those that do will be carriers for that gene).

For what it's worth, I've been using computers for 3 decades and have never once thought, "Hmm, I wish there would be a way to automatically shut off or turn on my computer on a timer." I'm not saying there aren't good reasons to do that--just that it never occurred to me. Even thinking about it further now, I'm still not sure it would have value to me...I turn it on when I need to use it, and turn it off when I know I'm done for the night. So, I'd suggest you try to make the case for why anyone would want this kind of timer. You try a bit, saying it will "make life easier", "save energy and money", and "limit time", but frankly these sound kind of lame to me given that there is already a very simple and very precise method to turn the computer on and off flexibly based on my needs each day. But maybe you know better. So make that case. One point I could imagine is that if I come in to work at a set time each day it might be nice to have my computer booted and ready right then (but it wouldn't be super nice; sipping coffee while things spin up is pleasant, too).

I'd also separate the bit about the widgets library--right now it is in the left hand column so it is the first thing I started reading on your page. And yet the main point of the site is the ShutMeDown application, not the widget library.
Racky Send private email
Saturday, August 29, 2015
1. Try to let the vistors know what your lib can benifit them within 1-3 seconds after they landing on your page.  This is similar as the 2,  you should focus on what kind of problem/pain your solution will going to deal with
2.  Make a demo page or at least some screenshot so vistors have a idea what you are offering within 3 seconds.
3.  What is the numbers at the end of each download link?  download count?  i suggest remove them  since it's not too much for now
4.  Redesign your site if you can, not very urgent to me
GerryLu Send private email
Sunday, August 30, 2015
Using Chrome with Font Size = Large makes texts overlap regardless at what zoom level the page is.
Mangler Send private email
Sunday, August 30, 2015

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