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Book/Articles on Sales setup

By chance, is there a book (or other good resource) that covers topics like the following?

- Setting up VPS.
- Accept payments (say, using Stripe or something similar)
- Make the desktop software and license key available to the customer
- Maintain some information about the sale (e.g., which license key was provided to which customer)
- License activation


P.S. I did see a reference to a book titled "This little program went to market". It seems a bit dated and also seems to focus more on Java programs.
Victory Send private email
Tuesday, June 02, 2015
I dont think there are any books about those things because they are for the most part platform dependent and most are really fast moving targets.

So for an example of the platform dependency, setting up a Digital Ocean droplet is alot different than setting up a Linode. Setting up the Stripe you mention is alot different to other payment providers. Generating serial numbers and sending e-mails from a LAMP stack is alot different than doing it from eg C# on Azure or eg. Google App Engine.

Many of these technologies are changing so fast that any book would be out of date as soon as published and also there are just so many technologies involved that a book would be almost impossible.

I also think that doing all of the above, while not simple, is doable for the average person and thus not of much interest to book writers. Yes it takes alot of time and your sources of information will be eg help pages from AWS, DO etc, help pages from the payment provider you choose, books and help doco for eg Apache, PHP, Tomcat or whatever platform you are using.

What I do think is interesting, difficult and valuable is what comes next after you have collected *some* money. That is how to make a product that users absolutely can't live without (value proposition?), make it easy for them to buy (rather than just be able to buy) and optimise that "conversion funnel" from the moment they visit your web site through using the software, through buying it, through being regular users, until selling them upgrades. This is where the following resources are so valuable:

Andy Brice on his Successful Software blog
(<---- link is over here)

Bob Walsh with his two excellent books from APress, The Web Startup Success Guide and Micro-ISV: From Vision To Reality
(<---- link is over here)

Eric Sink's blog

Taylor Pierce book from APress
Appreneur: Secrets to Success in the App Store

(sorry if you already knew those links)

My advice would be to choose your technologies (eg AWS, DO, PHP, Java, C# whatever) and just go for it, try to get something working. Although time consuming and frustrating at times, it is ALOT of fun and the rest takes care of itself.
Billy Thorpe Send private email
Wednesday, June 03, 2015

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