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Contacting prospective reviewers


Recently I tried to contact various websites and niche magazines as well as blogs (primarily by e-mail or by their online form) regarding my product which as I explained would be relevant to their audiences. I asked them if they would be interested in review as it will benefit their readers, and said I will be happy to provide a free version for review when they write back.

I have written 20 such notices and so far got 0 replies - almost a week later. In that regard I have some questions:

1. How do you go about contacting prospective reviewers / websites where your products can be discussed and featured? How do you convince editors to take a look?
2. Is general PR release a better (more efficient) way to go? I.e. something like press release monkey?
3. On a related note, how about contacting prospective clients (like "cold-emailing" them analogous to cold-calling)?
4. Finally - what about smaller players - like bloggers - offer them free version in exchange for review? Any success with those? And where would you look for them?

Thank you.
George Send private email
Thursday, May 14, 2015
You know, I ran into the exact, same situation. So I started posting on relevant forums. And it worked!
Nicole Miller Send private email
Thursday, May 14, 2015
@Nicole How do you avoid getting banned? Usually forums are strict these days. And doubly strict after you just registered. In a sense that anything that even remotely looks like advertising is considered spam and is remove.
George Send private email
Friday, May 15, 2015
+1 @George

I have tried participating in forums and ended up being banned. So now I have stopped.
Gautam Jain Send private email
Friday, May 15, 2015
George, I've never encountered a forum that didn't have a classified ads-type section that permitted solicitations. It might cost a little, but you'll get at least a few reviews from it.

You can alternatively interact with the members. All that talking can lead to some great relationships -- business relationships AND friendships. Others will see your signature and get curious as well.
Nicole Miller Send private email
Friday, May 15, 2015
> Others will see your signature and get curious

I can vouch for that.  My website domain is my user name (with a dash instead of dot) in several forums, and my web logs show visits from those forums from time to time after I make posts there.  I don't mention my apps, but people obviously go to my site to take a look and learn more about me.

I don't have a signature in those posts, though, because I don't want to get banned like George was.  It seems to me that the forums don't mind my user name because it's not directly clickable, and neither do I have any links for others to click.  As such, I assume my posts are not considered spam in any way.
PSB136 Send private email
Wednesday, June 03, 2015
> how about contacting prospective clients (like "cold-emailing" them analogous to cold-calling)?

I sent 15 emails the other day to various software sites, asking if they'd like to take a look at my apps for possible mention or review on their sites.  I figure I've got nothing to lose, and I can sleep at night knowing that I tried.
PSB136 Send private email
Tuesday, June 09, 2015

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