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Product/site feedback request

Hi folks, I sell a product at:

Basically the product converts word files to html.

Recently we put a lot of work into developing a new version, we concentrated on making the product simpler to use. We also revamped the website and hired a guy to redo our adwords etc.

Ironically after all this work sales have went down.  We are still getting a good amount of trial downloads but they do not seem to be converting to sales.

I would appreciate any views on the site/product. A big concern for us is the pricing level, is the product to expensive?

We know some users have a one off conversion need so we have developed a web app: http://wordcleaner.com as well.

I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions you may have.

Thanks in advance.

Brian O'Neill Send private email
Monday, February 16, 2015
The website looks nice, clean, simple.

I didn't see any demonstration of complex document to HTML conversion - that might help show the value.

Yes, it seems very pricey. I'm not a Word person but this is a straightforward conversion with no special algorithm or creativity required, isn't it ?

If you did some special formatting for mobile devices, help files or something, that could have value.

Usually, for customer facing webpages your designer is going to copy and paste sections of the document into their editor anyway. I can't see many people uploading converted Word documents to their webserver.
koan Send private email
Monday, February 16, 2015
Web app: "Try it now for free - preform a quick conversion now"

Preform ?
koan Send private email
Monday, February 16, 2015
Nice responsive site. My only issue is that it looks a bit devoid of life.  A little too bootstrappy and it's all above the fold. I.E. every page consists of content at the top and white space at the bottom.

The front page is crying out for a video showcasing the benefits of the software.

You are also hiding your prestigious list of clients on your about page. These sort of things are known as trust symbols. I.E. they help people trust your site and lead to higher conversion rates and they really belong below the fold on the front page.

Your Windows site looks much better by comparison.

Andrew Gibson Send private email
Monday, February 16, 2015
Thanks for the feedback guys.

The wordcleaner.com is still work in progress, we only launched last week. I will add a video to that like we have on the http://convertwordtohtml.com/

The software has been around for 10 years, you would be surprised how many people still need to convert docs. The site has always been a bit of hobby my main job is websites. Recently I am trying to focus on the software more and build up sales.

I might do a split test on the price to see what works. Reading a lot of research on price many people recommend having a higher priced business version as people are not paying for it out of their pocket, but I can try a test of reducing the price.

Maybe $49 for personal $99 for business might be worth a try.

Also i do get peeks during the year, maybe I am just having a slow period.
Brian O'Neill Send private email
Monday, February 16, 2015
"Batch convert your files to webpages to clean valid that download fast." - This sentence is unclear.

I wonder how much of a demand there is for this seeing as Word has been able to save to HTML for the last few versions. But this is where your bullet points come in.

1. Save Time: I think actual amount of time it takes for the version means little unless it's like a minute per file. What saves the time is batch conversion can be done. (Can this be automated/scheduled or have all the settings preset to be applied to a whole group?)

2. Clean Code: As someone who has tried to modify html output by Word I think this is one of the strongest selling points. Maybe have an example between your output and Word's output highlighting the how browser compatible your output is. (It may be more compatible because of the cleaner code.) Showing that if it does have to be modified you're working with easy to understand HTML.

3. Powerful Templates: Didn't see anything to explain this but if it's what I think it is then it could be your major selling point. If it's not then what does it mean? Is it Word templates that make outputting to specific HTML templates/setups easier.

For it would be great if I could create a Word document that used a "Bootstrap Template" so I could almost have wysiwyg editing from word to the web.

Advanced Features: Same thing here. More explanation. Again it would be awesome if I could use Word to edit the content sections of a CMS. Somehow have a preset template formatted as the CMS and saves back to the appropriate sections. (There's an idea if that's not what it's doing.)
TrippinOnIT Send private email
Monday, February 16, 2015
I went to the desktop version web site to find out what the software did, download the trial version and try to buy it.

The first thing I saw was a typo: "Batch convert your files to webpages to clean valid that download fast. " which should probably read "... files to clean valid webpages that ...".

For me the video doesnt exactly explain what the software does, I just saw alot of configuration options that quite frankly looked scary and complex and confusing. The question in my mind is why should I buy this software when my version of word already has a "Save to HTML" option. I would be expecting a gallery with some really complex documents where your software does a top job and the HTML versions look exactly like the Word original.

On the download page I wanted to grab the windows version and there are Windows Desktop and Windows Server versions, it didnt explain (to my fresh eyes) whether eg the second one only works on Windows Server itself or it offers extra functionality, or why there are two windows versions, shouldnt a single executable work on both platforms? Like the Stever Krug book says you are making me think! Also I would expect a flat-style "windows logo" on the Download Windows Version button, a Tux the Penguin logo on the Linux Version etc to make me think less.

There is a bunch of crap at the bottom of the purchase page which has nothing to do with buying the product and may distract customers or lure them away from your conversion funnel:


(whats clicky analytics doing there visible at the very bottom?)

The buy page does not automatically select Mexican Pesos (MXN),  my native currency based on my location, which requires more clicks to buy the product - ie more friction for international users.

The "$ US Dollar" (or select currency) button at the top should not be present on the "Checkout" screen when you are entering in e-mail address etc.

Overall, I really liked the site and you won my confidence, I would try out the product and if I had the need to convert Word pages to HTML, for example converting a bunch of Word forms to HTML forms, I would buy it a $99. But for for most documents I would just select "save as HTML" in my version of Word instead (which is an old version by the way). But yeah the result is ugly and I got your message that your software produces better HTML downloads faster.

Good luck with the new version!
Billy Thorpe Send private email
Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Yes, the price is too high. "Oh wow" was what came to mind when I saw the pricing.

I'm potentially a customer of such a thing, but I'd need 3 things from your site to get excited:

1. Show me how much better your HTML is compared to Word's own "Save as.."? Show me some HTML screenies side by side?

2. Show, promise or better still, guarantee me that the docs produced with this will pass W.. what the heck is it again? WC3 or something? Hang on .... ah, W3C validation?

3. Convince me it's all up to date and not last year's version of W3C or whatever?

That would get me excited enough to look closer, for things such as basic tutorials on FTP, adding hyperlinks and generally making your software more useful than just "Dadah! HTML!"

Specifics sell - it would help to show a page that takes 20 seconds to load made cleaner and loading in 6 seconds, for example.

My impression is people would come to you because they already know the downsides of Words own efforts, so don't waste too much time explaining that. But you absolutely need to KILL ANY TYPOS! You have a bunch of them and there's no way I can trust your HTML output if you can't even get plain text right.

Hope that helps,

Reluctantlyregistered Send private email
Tuesday, February 17, 2015
Thanks again. I have made some changes based on your text:

-Changed homepage text
-Simplified the buy now page into two pages one for new versions and one for upgrades
-Made the desktop version download more obvious on the download page.
- I fixed the typo's - do let me know if I missed any.

On the old site i did have examples but I decided to go with simple. I can add in examples for the users who do want more info.

I meant to say if anyone wants to try the program and give me some feedback I am happy to give you a free serial or a free account at the online site. Just email me: info@convertwordtohtml.com

What do people think is a fair price?
Brian O'Neill Send private email
Tuesday, February 17, 2015
It would be good to get advice on naming:

The old version had 2 editions:
Standard - $99
Pro - $199

To encourage business customers to buy the pro version we changed the names to:
Personal - $99
Business - $199

The main seller was always the standard version, so not sure if the new personal tag is costing us sales.

Any views?
Brian O'Neill Send private email
Tuesday, February 17, 2015
Quick drive-by reply... "Personal" is often used for students or strictly non-commercial use. So yes, that could be very off-putting.

Reluctantlyregistered Send private email
Tuesday, February 17, 2015
Hi Brian,

Here are some more observations that I didn't get time to add last night

* For the desktop wordcleaner, the News section at the bottom of eg the purchase page mentions:

"1) Introducing Word Cleaner 7 – The best way to convert your documents to clean valid HTML February 9, 2015; 2)  Introducing the Word Cleaner Word to HTML Converter Web App December 19, 2014; 3) Word Cleaner 6.2 released for desktop and server… May 7, 2014"

I would get rid of item #3 as it scares me that the version I am about to buy will be out of date in a few weeks time

* Most users won't click "Play" on the video on the main page and so the first frame of the video is what most users are going to see, you might be able to do something better with it

* As a potential customer I feel alot more comfortable with/attracted to "Standard" than "Personal" for the name, I dont have such strong feelings for "Business" vs "Professional"

* I think that $99/$199 is going to be a fair price for many users where they have alot of documents to convert or the value of the documents is high, for example a legal office that enters their data via Word forms that want to move data entry to the web. However for users with just a couple of documents to convert $99 is way too much. You could possibly catch some of the latter category BETTER by changing the text at the top of


to read "Try our online web app with plans starting from $X" where X is the one day price which is significantly less than $99/$199. My guess is that eg "$4.99" will go straight into people's brains as another option whereas the current text needs some thinking about

* The main page after your recent changes is now only saying that wordcleaner produces smaller and cleaner HTML files (this selling point is much clearer now), however my experience when converting a word file to HTML with M$ Word is that it didnt look much like the original. I might come to your page with this experience and be looking for you to tell me that wordcleaner will do a much better job than Word and my documents which will look closer to the originals, especially for complex documents.
Billy Thorpe Send private email
Wednesday, February 18, 2015
The site is looking nice and clean. A little usabity hint: probably you do not need Save/Cancel buttons in currency selection popup. Just save and close the popup on item selection.
Volodymyr Dubovyi Send private email
Monday, March 09, 2015

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