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New Website and App beta please Feedback


I am in the beta step of my product, an MRP System to automate small and medium size companies of  latam, it's a windows app, and i will like to ask for feedback about my website and app,

The website is a template and is in spanish but i am working hard to translate to english, app and website, by the moment i can offer the google translate version of  the website, about the app, it's a greath oportunity to check your spanish skills, just kidding, i will like to test if  not manufacturing specialist user can use it, because most of  the owners of small manufacturing bussiness aren't manufacturing experts.

Original version:


Google translate:


App download page:


The app is in mediafire because of bandwith.

thank so much, feedback is gold for me in this step, i will like to know:

It's useful?
It's easy to understand?
What i must improve?
Would you pay for an improved version?

Thank so much,
Best Regards
Javier Portilla Send private email
Monday, January 19, 2015
App user and password:

User: admin
Pass: admin
Javier Portilla Send private email
Monday, January 19, 2015
The box shot on your front page could certainly do with some work. At the moment it says "Software Product". The idea of a box shot is to make your product look more professional and establish your brand identity.  Using a generic software box doesn't achieve this.
Andrew Gibson Send private email
Tuesday, January 20, 2015
Definitely drop the free web hosting and pay for a proper web server. My guess is that your site has exceeded your free download quota and is sending images of 0 x 0 pixels and renders like this:



Not very professional. When you have that sorted out I will give you some fedback on your site and app as I speak Spanish and have friends who own SMEs/PYMEs

Billy Thorpe Send private email
Tuesday, January 20, 2015
Hello Andrew,

I have the photoshop design complete, i bought the developer version of the template and it comes with the box ready to edit, i will check your products but i don't know if i can replace the box in the template as i am not designer.

Hello Billy,

I am sorry for this, that host is for testing, the beta test site,  i want to finish the website before move, i have an amazon AWS account, but first i would like to validate if the template is right according with my product and if the product have market before assign resources of my server pool.

I apologize because the website problems, i will move it, but i would like if you want to test the app, this is the direct link, i host it on mediafire, Is good idea host on mediafire or host on own webserver?:

32 Version


64 Version


Thank for the feedback.
Javier Portilla Send private email
Tuesday, January 20, 2015
Don't host a B2B app on media fire.  IMHO, media fire is for game mods (and warez??) -- definitely not a professional image.
Doug Send private email
Tuesday, January 20, 2015
One thing I'd recommend is to have your website by default in English and then offer the end user the option to switch to a Spanish version.

This is because potential customers in latin america search for software using english keywords in Google. Having the website in Spanish means Google won't index your content.
Jose Send private email
Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Hi Javier

I asked a friend, who is a Mexican small business owner in manufacturing (your target market) to look at your web site.

He said that the main page at http://www.liderbs.co.nf/index.php is well written and more or less says what the software does. He agreed that control of costs is important, and also control of inputs and outputs is important, but he didnt think he would download or try your product. The summary of the conversation that followed is that he has been in the business a long time, they develop prototypes and make an estimate of how how much each unit costs, based on material and labor costs, when an order comes in and they know from experience how much raw material to buy. Yes there is sometimes some waste and sometimes they need to buy extra things but they dont need software for that.

I think that SME/PYME owners are motivated by money. Saying that the software helps with "Control efectivo de costos" (effective control of costs) and "Control de Entradas y Salidas" (control of inputs and outputs) will not make them download. Instead the bullet points could say:

* Save money
* Increase profits
* Reduce Waste

or something like that - direct benefits that the software delivers that will make a small business owner download and try

Billy Thorpe Send private email
Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Hi Doug,

I am following the example of other companies like piriform, they host on filehippo and download.com, i think i will switch to download.com as i see they host more comercial app than mediafire but i like mediafire because is very easy to the users download the app without ads, i don't know if download.com is the same.

Hi Jose,

I am working on it, also my payment processor (FastSpring) requires the english version as default, i know there will be more chances of get customers if the app is open to a more big market, a pending task is to finish english version of the website and the app.

Hi Billy Thorpe,

If you are a  tiny company is true, you can do that with paper and excel sheets, to a small manufacturing company growing is mandatory manufacturing software, medium and big companies are software based,  the reason is that as the company grow, control becomes a nightmare, a lot of purchase orders, raw material inputs all the day, you have to control what you purchase, what is used, what is wasted and completion times because the orders have dead lines, and more of the companies become national sellers s they sell to different cities, so they need to have automated process to decrease the risk.

But the software for manufacturing is so expensive, and for latam companies this is a big barrier, for example, Sap manufacturing modules cost more than 100 thousands dollars and implementations cost between 10000-25000 usd, another near competitor is a 2000 thousands dollars software: http://www.dbamanufacturing.com/, they sell at  $2995 Each + $495 Support, we offer our product with an introduction cost of 149.95, so cheap, because at first i want to expand our market share and improve the software throug customers experience, but the software real price is more than 1000 dollars, as we get more customer experience the price will increase.

I agree with you, they key is the money, i will change some text to explain how our solution help our customers to increase the profit and save money, also i will record some videos to show the software on action, i want more than do an expensive sell get customer experience through implementation, that my objetive for this year.
Javier Portilla Send private email
Thursday, January 22, 2015
Hello Javier,

A couple of years ago having intalling/maintaining various ERP software for several small manufacturing business I can tell you that it is very critical to them for running their companies. But it wasn't always so for any of them.

You'd be surprised at how many multi-million dollar sales a year are still in this day running daily business using spreadsheets, File Maker/Access databases, paper forms, Quickbooks, etc... I really think small manufacturing is on some type of 30 year curve regarding business software use.

But it's not entirely there fault. Most know their business. They know how to make money in that business. Charge as much as you can and still get sales and build as cheaply as while holding what ever quality you find acceptable as fast and as often as you can.

As I've been told many times by the owners pre-installation a computer program is not going to tell them how to run there business. It's only going to cost them money. Price is also a factor but not as big as it may seem. Initially they see the price and think I can buy some new equipment for that cost that will make me money because it produces something.

Ultimately the deciding factor seems to be one of three things the majority of the time that sells them on the need for the software.

1. They are clearly shown how the system can be integrated into their existing processes. Initially the only changes are using the software to fill in the same information that would have been entered or written elsewhere. Then after having it in the system the number of documents that can now be automatically generated that before had to be hand created. Handling a change can be easier and faster to regenerate the paperwork. Showing that their existing workflow can be maintained and even streamlined (in the future). The software should be flexible enough become more sophisticated to grow with them.

2. They are bidding on a new project that is work they can do but requires more internal process qualifications to win the bid. It will also open them up to other more desirable bids.

3. Some catastrophic event has happened that resulted in a mass loss of time and information that is recoverable but with many headaches and changes. So while they have to fix it they may as well put in a new system to prevent it from happening again.

Cost controls, scrap management, (sadly) even inventory management are almost never a reason to buy but a nice bonus that comes with it. The software is first looked at as a way to organize what they have. Then tell them how much all that is costing them. And last help to tell them how they can save money.

Be careful about going to low with price. To low and it looks like they are buying something that has no reasonable expectation of support. After all they are putting their company's near future into the software. It's an important investment that you want to know will have some support available. If you are priced low you need to offer something else to give them the sense they are 'investing' in something that will be supported and work for them. Maybe offer a yearly support contract too.
TrippinOnIT Send private email
Thursday, January 22, 2015
Hi TrippinOnIT,

Thank so much for your answer, that's the exactly review i was waiting for, i will have a potencial customer wich share with me the process that his company do, i will adap the system to his company process and evaluate how can i offer a value propossal for the company.

I will right some emails directly to potential customers inviting them to download and test wich factor make them download or not the app.

Improve of the website and english version of the website and the app.

Show to my potential costumers how my software adapt their process.
Show  to my potential customers how can i help them to transform tedious process in automated self-efficient systems.

Other changes like the english version and move to paid hosting.

Thank so much for all the answers, now i am more clear about the path i must follow.

Best regards.
Javier Portilla Send private email
Tuesday, January 27, 2015

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