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Feedback on Christmas Campaign Pages

We have recently launched discount offers for holiday season and Christmas, for which we have created separate landing pages as our company deals in hosted apps solutions and REST-based APIs too.  We need some valuable input on the design of both landing pages in a way that the message / offer from images and texts on the pages are clear enough to attract visitors?

Any feedback or suggestions to improve further are welcome

The landing pages are:

- http://banckle.com/holiday2014?utm_source=VMC&utm_medium=SMM&utm_campaign=XMAS2014SM
- http://banckle.com/holiday2014-b?utm_source=VMC&utm_medium=SMM&utm_campaign=XMAS2014AP
Usman Khawaja Send private email
Sunday, November 30, 2014
The Xmas Graphics look nice. No so sure about the 10% discount. 10% is a sort of "meh" discount. I'm sure I recall reading something about this recently, whereby there is a higher discount level that provides measurably better results.  Can you ever recall getting excited by a 10% discount? Coming after Black Friday, this could have the potential to make you look rather mean. That coupled with the xmas graphics may result the the discount having a minimal effect.
Andrew Gibson Send private email
Monday, December 01, 2014
+1 to Andrew. Ten percent seems quite stingy.

I have to wonder whether this kind of product is appropriate for "holiday discounts". How many people are sitting there thinking, "I'm gonna implement that API, but I'll wait until the holidays to get a discount"?

Also, given the target market, surely this should have been done a couple of months ago, to allow the customers to gear themselves up for the holidays. Signing up now, seems sub-optimal for many, as their busiest time is right now, or even just gone.
Scorpio Send private email
Monday, December 01, 2014
The theme is very "Christmassy".
I like the bright, bold colours.
I'm not sure how well they would go down in the southern hemisphere given that their seasons are not the same as the north.

The pages appear to have button overload. Everything looks like a button: Buy Now, Support, Chat, Use XMAS...

Buy Now should stand out.

I don't like the "Chat with us" thing, it's too big for my taste.

I don't think I would ever click a link titled "Need more reasons to buy"

I don't have a problem with the 10% figure; it's potentially a big saving depending on how it's applied. It doesn't sound huge.

Your site says "Get 10% off all apps and APIs this Christmas and New Year" - how is this applied ? The months of December and January ? Or however long you sign up for now ?

What is the overall price now ?
If the user is saving $1000s then that sounds much better than 10%.
koan Send private email
Tuesday, December 02, 2014
@Andrew @Scorpio @Koan, of course the higher percentage of discount is offered; it can produce better results in terms of customer’s interest and sales too. But our apps are cloud-based (not downloadable) and users can start using them instantly from any web browser. We pay high amounts for cloud storage so that users need not to install anything at their end. This is one reason for offering 10% discount in the beginning but we are working on increasing the % of discount after analysis various statistics including customer’s interest, inquiries, demands and overall sales, of course..!!
Usman Khawaja Send private email
Thursday, December 04, 2014
@Scorpio, we have always seen a great boost in the sales on Holidays season and Banckle Apps cater a wider audience ranging from single user (home-based), SMBs or even corporate businesses so the need of such customer support tools is not season-dependent. But I agree with your suggestion too that according to the nature of Banckle Apps, this campaign could have generated better results if it was started a couple of months back. But anyways, let see how it turns out now..!!
Usman Khawaja Send private email
Thursday, December 04, 2014
@Koan, this campaign will last till the end of January and any users who will convert during that period will avail this discount offer. Their billing cycle will start from the date of purchase and shall last to the exact date of the next year.

The “Need more reasons to buy” link is placed to serve those new visitors who might want to know more about Banckle Apps and APIs before closing a deal. Those customers who are already using competitive products; they need now to click on this link perhaps because they are already aware about Banckle Apps and the set of features it supports. So this link is just to target and guide new users.

Regarding your suggestions about Buttons based UI and “Chat with us” call; I am going to raise these suggestions with involved team and we will improve the overall UI further in coming days.
Thanks for your feedback, it is much appreciated..!!

Usman Sarfraz
Usman Khawaja Send private email
Thursday, December 04, 2014

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