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Best way to promote organizer software

Hi all, I am a shareware author in the market since 1999. I have a reasonable success in spanish markets, but not the same in english ones.

I would like to get ideas about how to promote organizer software.

Although MSD Organizer, my flag-ship program, sells quite well, Adwords is not viable because main keywords in this market are very expensive.

Have anyone good ideas about ways to collaborate with other shareware authors to promote our products?

Thanks for your suggestions.
MSD Soft Send private email
Wednesday, March 26, 2014
For others reading this, you should really go check out his web site for an interesting example of the "more is more" approach to an online presence for your software (and, in fact, for the software itself). No minimalism there.  Wow. In this case, it appears to be working.
Racky Send private email
Wednesday, March 26, 2014
"MSD Soft", I hardly know where to start regarding your site...

I will say this much, STOP offering "free updates for life". Instead offer free updates within major builds or if someone purchased within 3 months of an update. There's no need to advertise that; just have the policy there to avoid upsetting customers.

Adword keywords are expensive in this niche as it's such a popular and crowded niche. What do you think makes your organizer stand out from others?

Reluctantlyregistered Send private email
Wednesday, March 26, 2014
I should add that I'm not being harsh or judgmental, simply pointing out that whatever makes your organizer special is what you need to think about for marketing.

Reluctantlyregistered Send private email
Thursday, March 27, 2014
Hi Alan, thanks for your comments. Your good will has not been in doubt at any moment :)

MSD Organizer is different to other organizer software in many ways, but there are so many good programs of this kind out there that sales frequently happen by little details that touch the heart or the mind of the buyers.

I registered on this forum to get in touch with other shareware authors and find ways to collaborate and share experiences.

MSD Soft Send private email
Thursday, March 27, 2014
-- " is different to other organizer software in many ways "
If you can't articulate that one defining factor your product has over the competition your target market will not see you as being any different from your competitors.
Pick ONE and hone in on it. If in doubt email all your existing 200,000 customers and ask them, what is the ONE best thing you love about 'MSD Organizer' - even offer a bribe/prize for their response.
This should become your USP.

Why do you want to 'collaborate with other shareware authors to promote [y]our products'? Unless of course there is some obvious synergy between the products. Focus your efforts on where you potential buyers are, but first you need to define who they are. What does your typical customer look like? What work do they do? What industry are they in. What problems do they face which MSD Organizer uniquely addresses? Once you identify that, you'll be in a better position to define how can solicit them.

You may also want to consider your branding. What does 'MSD Soft' mean to your existing customer? If the answer is 'nothing' you may want to consider a name related to your USP.

All the best
Marcus from London Send private email
Thursday, March 27, 2014
Marcus, thanks for your comments. You have pointed out some interesting issues to think about.

The fact is that this is my first effort to communicate with other shareware authors. I'm in the market since 1999, but I have been working hard in an "Island", not only physically (I live in Canary Islands), but also mentally.

One thing I am working on to collaborate with other shareware authors is offering them the possibility of giving away a 1 year License of MSD Organizer, my flag-ship program, to their buyers, as an incentive to convert prospects into buyers. When prospects buy your software, you give them for free MSD Organizer's 1 year license.

I could even setup a special purchase page in my website where your buyers could purchase a Lifetime License of MSD Organizer for, lets say, just 9$ for instance, once the 1 year period is expired.

Before accepting such an offer, authors must be sure that my software is good enough for their user base and that it does not compete at all with their own software.

I am also open to do exactly the opposite. If any shareware user want to give away full licenses or temporary licenses of their software to my buyers, I will be glad to study every offer.

I have made tons of tests with my website since 1999, and one of the things that have increased my sales is giving away something of value when my software is purchased.

For instance, now I am giving away for free a Lifetime License of MSD Organizer to anyone who purchases any license of my software. This offer is being used by my buyers to make an interesting gift to a friend, family member, and sometimes, for themselves ;)

Up to now I have only given away my own software or some free ebooks, but now I am trying to give away useful software.

This is just an idea. I would like to know if there is some interest in this type of cross-promotion. If you are interested, just email me with your ideas and I will send to you more detailed information about the way this collaboration could be achieved.

Let's talk...

MSD Soft Send private email
Thursday, March 27, 2014

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