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MyPlayCity awarded a $500,000 judgment against Conduit by a New


My friand from MyPlayCity, has asked me to publish this info here. Be carefull working with Conduit.
Appeal Reveals New Incriminating Information of Conduit's Pervasive Deceit After $.5M Judgment

As you probably know MyPlayCity was awarded a $500,000 judgment against
Conduit.com by a New York jury and is now appealing that judgment, as we
want to go further.

Conduit got lots of positive press attention last year and we want to show
who they are in reality, how they cheat and lie to companies. We can now
show Conduit's tactic thanks to a recent appellate brief, which reveals a
lots of interesting information about Conduit.

Here is the appellate brief http://docs.myplaycity.com/appeal.pdf  where you can find a lot interesting
info about Conduit, the doc is public so you can (and should) share it.  I
think people should know how Conduit cheats and who they are in reality; our
software development community must be cleared of such companies.

A few examples from the doc:


Conduit’s internal documents indisputably showed that Conduit was not
calculating MPC’s payment using the revenue share percentage it agreed to
use, but instead was using a much lower percentage.

In addition, not satisfied with the gains from this improper behavior,
Conduit was also secretly adjusting MPC’s payments through a process called
“screening.”  MPC was never informed of this screening process.

“Screening” was a secret process by which Conduit adjusted the total revenue
it collected related to a specific toolbar, before it made any calculations
using a particular revenue share percentage. In other words, the “screened”
amount came off the top. This deduction was in addition to the fact that
Conduit was not paying the full revenue share percentage.

Simply put, throughout their business relationship, Conduit secretly,
unilaterally, repeatedly, and intentionally breached the Revenue Share
Agreement with MPC, for purpose of stealing money rightfully due to MPC and
manipulating MPC to renegotiate the Revenue Share Agreement under terms more
beneficial to Conduit.


here are some negotiating tactics of the company officers (from Conduit
internal communications):

"Please take [MPC’s] toolbars down to 50% with the regular screening. Hope
you can do it before midnight . . . I want them to feel the heat.”

“I’m also pleased to start this process with these fuckers. . .”

“FYI, I asked Brock to not respond to this email for now. . . we’ll contact
them mid next week Thanks, Amir.”

“Excellent Let them sweat. Adam.”

Our software development community must be cleared of such companies as
leopard spots never change and we think they could do it in the future until
people know the info. And it’s a good thing that a U.S. court already made a
great move in right direction.
Roman Rudnik Send private email
Thursday, February 06, 2014
Wow, a company that installs toolbars is unethical. Who would have guessed?
Nicholas Hebb Send private email
Thursday, February 06, 2014
Conduit's revenue in 2013 was 200 million dollars, (jaw drops)

Drummer Send private email
Thursday, February 06, 2014
I'm with Nic; when you hang around with bottom feeders it's likely they'll bite your bottom...

Reluctantlyregistered Send private email
Thursday, February 06, 2014
Very interesting...  Wow.
Emily Jones Send private email
Friday, February 07, 2014

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