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What cart / checkout system do you use for your mISV?

Hi Guys,

What cart script or checkout system do you use for your mISV?
I'm looking for an alternate to a basic paypal button, so i can easily change prices, on the back end,  or apply promo discounts, up-sell added services at checkout, apply price adjustments from x date to y date like Christmas time. etc..  I know I can do this if I setup a magneto store, but that's overkill for what I want I think.

What do you use?
NewGuyOnTheBlock Send private email
Saturday, December 28, 2013
I used to use ejunkie, they also handle key delivery and download links.
Ralph R Send private email
Saturday, December 28, 2013
I use BMT Micro-- http://www.bmtmicro.com . Not part of the Digital River universe, and dead simple to set up.
Kevin Walzer Send private email
Saturday, December 28, 2013
A lot of people have mentioned FastSpring in these forums, so they must be okay.

BTW, does anyone know of any vendor that DISALLOWS payments from disposable email addresses?  I'd like to decline payments from the likes of Mailinator and such.
PSB136 Send private email
Saturday, December 28, 2013
Survey from 2009, I'm not aware that the "traditional" payment processors have changed that much since then...


... but people have been talking about some new entrants that aren't so software specific such as Stripe.

Personally I wouldn't switch from Fastspring. They're literally the best company I've ever dealt with for anything, mostly because of the quick support from real knowledgable people you know by name.
Jonathan Matthews Send private email
Sunday, December 29, 2013
Hello NewGuyOnTheBlock,

I can suggest PayPro Global. The setup is very quick and easy. In just a few hours we can create a customer checkout which would be completely in line with your website design's look and feel from your website. This set-up doesn't require any effort on your side whatsoever.

Additionally, we offer various sales and marketing tools, such as Pop-Up Cross sell for complementary products. Check out our case Study about this feature http://bit.ly/1ejHfNq

Dynamic pricing is also a very helpful feature, especially when you have to manage multiple products all at once, you can set-up promotions and custom payment links in seconds, which will increase your reaction speed when you are operating in a highly competitive market. Follow the link to find out more http://bit.ly/1ejHfNq

Hello PSB136,

You can do this with us. We apply tailored set of rules for every partner when it comes to fraudcheck, we always have individual business specifics in mind. We can definitely block certain types of e-mails during order submission. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly in case you have more questions.
Valeriu Braghis Send private email
Sunday, December 29, 2013
Hi Guys,

Thanks for the replies.

I was more interested in the technical aspect of your checkout.  Not the payment processor.

Checkout Cart System (Magento, open cart, roll your own, basic paypal buy button, etc.. ?)  What do you use on your purchase page.

Not Payment Processor company.

NewGuyOnTheBlock Send private email
Sunday, December 29, 2013
I use code provided by my payment processor company that redirects to their website, for processing.
Kevin Walzer Send private email
Monday, December 30, 2013
I recommend Stripe.com or Gumroad.com depending on your product.

For something like SaaS or a Cart go with Stripe.com.

For products or a simple subscription go with GumRoad.com.
Scott U Send private email
Friday, January 03, 2014
Ultracart works well with software products.

They process cards for us through Authorize.net, pull keys from the keyserver, and pass customer data back to CRM.

They also connect to Kunaki for "Backup CD" purchases.
Darren Send private email
Friday, January 10, 2014

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