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Anyone tried sponsored tweets?

I see BuySellAds.com are selling tweets alongside their usual ads. I assume this is not an official Twitter thing but instead you're just paying for someone to send a tweet to their followers.

There seem to be quite a few popular sites in my niche doing this.

Anyone tried this? Results?
Jonathan Matthews Send private email
Thursday, November 28, 2013
I tried this once with one of my last product  (which failed by the way.)

If my memory is good the first one had ~30k followers. If I got 10 visits from the link it would be the max. You might think my tweet did not pic the curiosity enough, still the results were disappointing.

The Next Web offer this if you've submitted your app to their "market place". For $999 they will tweet your message and link to their ~1M follower.

I was simply shocked when they've sent me that email. It's an insane amount of money, and you're better be taking the "right" time of the day for their followers to read this one-shot message.

This is the same problem with BuySellAds tweet ad, it's a one-shot thing. I would have been better to get at least two times the tweet in a 8-10 hours difference. But still, for the price you might not have anything to loose, a part from the fact that some Twitter users might not like to be yet again bombarded with unsolicited ads.

Also note that they will place a words like *Ads at the end of the tweet.

Dominic St-Pierre Send private email
Friday, November 29, 2013
Thanks Dominic. That's pretty much what I assumed. The money most are charging is pretty minimal, kind of a try it just to see what happens price.

$999 is insane. I bet they get few takers.

The "Ad" addition at the end was expected. Actually I'd probably want to add that myself. I prefer advertising to be honest.
Jonathan Matthews Send private email
Friday, November 29, 2013
Haven't tried a sponsored tweet but twice a person with plenty of followers (over 40.000 in both cases) tweeted about one of my services because they had been my customers.

So, even with an real tweet from a former client with thousands of followers the response was basically nothing.

Everything helps but I would not really be paying for this (again, this would be different if there is a pack of let's say 8-10 tweets spreading a few days at different times of the day=
Jordi Cabot Send private email
Sunday, December 01, 2013

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