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Please review my website

here is the link

It's a tool to sync android phone with outlook
I am a developer who lack of marketing skills:)
Really appreciate your feedback
GerryLu Send private email
Tuesday, November 12, 2013
I like the overall look of the website.  It is interesting but not too busy.  I like the "steps" that you can page through.  I think it's a nice website but there are some punctuation/ grammar errors.  As an American, when I read it I assume English is not your first language.  I assume the U.S. would be a good market for you and that could cost you some sales if people don't feel comfortable because they assume if they have trouble with the product it will be hard to communicate to get a resolution.

Here are some changes you can make:

1. Put a space after punctuation like : and , in the middle of the sentence.  Same with (.  For example, at the top, it should be:
YaSynch: Sync outlook with... (Not YaSynch:Synch...). 

The same thing with commas used in sentences.  It should be "One click to install, then let YaSynch... (not "One click to install,then...)

2. YaSynch also support Thunderbird should be supportS as in "YaSynch also supports Thunderbird."

3. I would put periods at the end of the points beneath the headings.  I think this is optional but they sound like sentences so I would use periods.  (see below)

4. If you are writing sentences and you use commas, you should either replace the last comma in a sentence with the word "and" or follow it.  For example, you first point says:
"Transfer incoming/outgoing sms from android to outlook,Restore SMS from outlook to android,backup"

I think it should say one of these two:
"Transfer incoming/outgoing sms from android to outlook, restore SMS from outlook to android, and backup."
"Transfer incoming/outgoing sms from android to outlook, restore SMS from outlook to android and backup."

ACTUALLY - many of your points look like they are supposed to be separate sentences.  In which case, the one I put above would be:
"Transfer incoming/outgoing sms from Android to Outlook.  Restore SMS from Outlook to Android and backup."

5. Looking at that sentence above, SMS should either be capitalized both places or neither.  I think it should be all caps everywhere.

6. Names like Android, Outlook, and Windows should always have the first letter capitalized.

7. Directtly is spelled wrong, only one t -- directly.

8. Backup contacts on Android -- The sentence below the heading should say "contacts" (plural) not "contact".  Also, I don't understand this sentence "Backup contact on Android to Outlook folder.  I think it should say Backup contacts from Android to Outlook folder.  (Assuming the backup copies from Android to Outlook,)

These are little nitpicky things but if you change them your site will seem more professional, IMO.  Hope this helps, I think it has a great look to it and it sounds like a really nice product.
Emily Jones Send private email
Tuesday, November 12, 2013
Hi Emily
Thanks very much for let me know this,will fix it soon:)
GerryLu Send private email
Wednesday, November 13, 2013
It is a nice design and an interesting product.  But I also think it is too busy.  Way too busy.    Maybe if you were adobe and you had a huge array of products everybody  was searching for you would need that much info. 

But if you have a product nobody heard about that you are trying to get people to use.  Make it Simple.

Less is more.  I got scared that it is too much to learn and would take me too long to find out how it all works.

Removing a few things from the homepage would help you. 

Make a video.  It increases conversion.  Just google video on landing page conversion.  You will find a million stories about it converting 2x or 3x as good.  If you are on a low budget just hire a voice-over on fiverr for $5 to explain it, and sync that up with your screenshots and multimedia in a basic video editing app.

Try and Reduce the whole page to the 3 main paths you want the customer to go down. 
(Download, Buy, Watch the video to Learn More)  or whatever the three things you want them to do are. 

Visit this page and  tell me how easy it is to find what to do:

Sorry for being so harsh.  But you asked for it.
C. Stark Send private email
Wednesday, November 13, 2013
A little hint -  you can hook a link to your logo which points to the home page.
ActivationCloud Send private email
Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Hi C Stack
Thanks very much for your advice,  video is on my plan list now,
And later on i will make the page more easy to understand as wll
GerryLu Send private email
Thursday, November 14, 2013
Hi C. Stark,sorry for misspelled your name,
and thank you ActivationCloud for that useful tip
GerryLu Send private email
Thursday, November 14, 2013

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