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OfferPriceWidget: product feedback enquiry

Dear friends,

Need your feedback on a humble web widget which I developed to try Rails :)

Well… If you sell any product or service over the Internet, think about collecting price offers from your prospect customers. Whether it’s useful for you or not may depend on your price level, but anyway you collect customers emails, can offer them some discounts, get some feedback on your service, etc.

It only takes about 3… well maybe 5 minutes :) to sign up and add 4 lines to your page HTML code. Click the “Make your offer” button on the website to see how it works:


We’ve been using this approach for our B-2-B product with prices about $200-500 and I think it helped establish connections to the customers and got more sales.

I will be really grateful for any feedback and suggestions, thank you very much in advance!

Serge Kravchenko Send private email
Thursday, September 26, 2013
I looked at your web page. I can see the value in negotiating prices but I don't get what you're trying to do here.  It's a business to offer this widget/service ?

Maybe I'm mistaken but I reckon anyone mildy talented in HTML/Javascript could knock up something similar in an afternoon. Even if I'm wrong, I'm sure other people will think the same way.
koan Send private email
Friday, September 27, 2013
1) I got an error when I tried it out with:

offer: 50
email: example@example.com
comments: blank

Error: Incorrect API key: 1

2) Who are you aiming at here? Maybe this is because I'm british (we're well known for not haggling when we should) but it seems to me putting a big sign outside your business inviting customers to haggle seems desperate / will lead to lower sales & lower value per sale.

3) I also agree with the above. As a project to try out rails, it's cool & I applaud you for getting it online, but as a commercial proposition your in competition with:

- Any site owner who knows forms & php
- Companies like Wufoo who make it very easy to create forms like this & are free for low volume use.

Or is there some value in your solution I'm missing?
Jonathan Matthews Send private email
Friday, September 27, 2013
Thank you guys for the feedback!

Yes, that's why I asked BoS members for some comments to figure out whether there is any value in such a widget. Maybe it helps guys who don't use PHP, etc., for example there is a WordPress plugin. Also, there could be some extra services, like IP lookup so you see from which country the offer comes, etc.

Anyway, thank you for the comments and let me know if you happen to have any suggestion on how to add more value to such a simple service.
Serge Kravchenko Send private email
Saturday, September 28, 2013

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