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I'm selling iOS components, please review my website.


I'm the founder of Yakamoz Labs which is a one-man business selling iOS components. I'd be grateful if you could give feedback on the website design and copy. Please note that I did all the design and copywriting work.

I also have a question about following up with potential leads. Right now I offer free demo downloads of my iOS components. The initial version of my website didn't have a way to follow up with customers who downloaded the demo. So I decided to add a modal dialog that asks for an optional email address before they'll be able to download the demo. The modal dialog has a disclaimer text that explains why I ask for their email address.

2 months after launching the new modal download dialog I can say that some leads are not proceeding with the download and dismiss the modal dialog (I keep track of these events with GA). Do you think there's another way to follow up with potential leads? I'm also open for suggestions that could improve the current download dialog.

Kemal Taskin Send private email
Wednesday, May 15, 2013
Need to work on your copy on your front page to quickly highlight what you provide 'me' the visitor to your site. You can get some ideas from here...

You also want to bring your testimonials up front. Maybe even a quick video of your components in action.
Matt Smith Send private email
Wednesday, May 15, 2013
Simply put, people don't want to be nagged about a product just for trying it. They don't believe the one email thing. Sometimes it's next to impossible to get off some lists.

Also, it could be bots following the links.

Put an optional email box next to the download button. If they want to give it they will.

I haven't tried this, but one idea might be to give a discount to them if they provide their email address and/or give you their feedback.
Mike Dixon Send private email
Wednesday, May 15, 2013
Another option would be to include something in the download that lets the customers contact you.

Also I notice that on your site you seem to be more interesting in telling people you are based in Istanbul than selling your products. Your geographical location isn't really relevant. This sort of information belongs on your contact page, not above the fold as the first thing visitors see.
Andrew Gibson Send private email
Wednesday, May 15, 2013
Overall I like yout layout and the clean design. I agree you could definitely use some work on the copy.

First, the main title doesn't say much - my partner, components, frameworks. Why should the customer want to download? Lead in withe the main benefit or problem.

As for the main copy, I would rework this to express the main benefits of your software components. "Saving time and money" is pretty generic. If you have some stats (shave 30% off app development), use that.

Finally, I agree with some of the other folks here - drop the email request if you want to maximize downloads.

It may help - I recently wrote an article about another website with some similar problems:

Charlie B Send private email
Sunday, May 19, 2013
Thanks for all your valuable feedback guys!

I decided to take action by first working on my main copy as suggested by @Charlie B. The new version is now online.

Next, I'll experiment with adding a video and disabling the modal dialog asking for an email address.
Kemal Taskin Send private email
Monday, May 20, 2013

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