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need flat 2d box shot generator

We are thinking of adding our software product to the electronic downloads section of Amazon.com and they require a flat, 2D box shot.

Can the people here recommend a good flat, 2D box shot generator suitable for someone with little artistic skill and one that can generate something decent fairly quickly and easily?

I did look for one a few months ago and tried about five that I found by surfing the Internet. Some of the products were quite old. I didn't find one decent one.
NewToASPX Send private email
Sunday, May 05, 2013
What exactly do they mean by a 2D box shot?
You could try my product (3D Box Shot Pro) and just render the box with the front image facing directly forward.

PM me for a discount coupon!
Andrew Gibson Send private email
Sunday, May 05, 2013
Just to add, if you need to design the graphics for the box shot, you'd be far better using something like http://pixlr.com/editor/ (which is like a simple online version of Adobe Photoshop) rather than using a box shot program with rinky dink design elements built in.
Andrew Gibson Send private email
Sunday, May 05, 2013
I've just downloaded a version of the software from your website. It is a demo version and puts "3D Box Shot Pro demo" on its rendered images.

I haven't decided yet whether just to provide a product image or actually generate a box shot.

The software installed quickly. And it was fast and simple to put an existing image onto a 3d box model (click the relevant model surface, click the Surface tab, then Unload and load...).

Looks like a decent piece of software given the small amount of time I've looked at it.
NewToASPX Send private email
Sunday, May 05, 2013
Look at http://www.trueboxshot.com/TBSCoverEditor
It has many boxshot design templates that you may use as is. Simply insert your own text strings.
Also, there is a 2D editor with many shapes and visual effects. You can create your own boxshot design right in the program. There is no need for Photoshop or another image editor.

I'm affiliated with this software. So I'm biased.
Dennis Crane Send private email
Monday, May 06, 2013

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