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Monetize my past?

Since I don't really have the time or motivation to continue coding in this day and age, is there a way to monetize my past history of products?  Has anyone done anything like that?  I have a vast portfolio of Psion, Amiga and Windows apps that I wrote and sold over a decade ago.  I'm wondering if there isn't some way to maybe lump them altogether on a CD or something and sell that somehow?
Harry Phace Send private email
Sunday, May 05, 2013
Interesting question....
do you mean you want to sell them to current psion, amiga users. is anybody still using those systems?

If instead you want to port them, unfortunately user expectation for the gui part is now so high that your programs may look dated to today standards....

do these programs solve needs still not solved by new and free programs, or do it in same special way?
fp615 Send private email
Sunday, May 05, 2013
Harry, have you looked at the emulation market? There is a separate niche for retro computing, with lots of people in still using Amigas from a thriving second hand market.

I still find myself craving the Psion Series 3c that I lost on the tube in London in 1999...

What sort of software did you used to make? I'd be very interest to have a look!
Andrew Gibson Send private email
Sunday, May 05, 2013
"maybe lump them altogether on a CD or something and sell that somehow"
If you aren't currently marketing these programs yourself, you need to find someone who is still selling to these user bases.  You can either sell the rights to distribute your programs (very low likelihood of success), or sell the rights to the programs themselves, lock, stock and barrel (much better odds of success).  The good part is you won't have to put any more time and money into them before you sell them, the bad part is you aren't likely to get very much for them either.  But whatever you get is 100% profit! 

Also, if there is code you want to keep using, put it into a separate library and throw in a restricted, royalty-free license to those libraries with the purchase of your programs.  Restricted in the sense that the libraries can't be used in anything else without your permission and the purchaser doesn't get any support.  If you sell the rights to code you are still using, you could end up having to pay the purchaser in order to keep using your own code.  Seriously.
Howard Ness Send private email
Sunday, May 05, 2013
I don't think you have much chance of success selling your past. IMO the best you can do is monetize your *experience*, not what you've created. Don't want to code anymore? Manage coders. If you sold things online you know already that the product is only 20% of the effort to succeed. So focus on finding a good niche, test the waters with a site and minimum viable product, and use designers, coders and writers to create the site, product and marketing material. Act as a business owner who hires people do transform your dream into reality.
Mauricio Macedo Send private email
Monday, May 06, 2013

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