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For the last few weeks I’ve been working on adding a software emulated  OpenGL 2.1 driver to enable pixel shaders (Environment and Bump mapping) in  3D Box Shot Pro. After finding out that Intel currently have 63% of the  global graphics market, I was spurred on to do this as 3D Box Shot Pro has
never worked well (or at all) on most Intel graphics chips.

To cut a long story short, we’re now offering a “Software Rendering” version  of the program that has all of the same features as the normal version, but runs on any PC running Windows (not RT on Windows 8) using a software based
OpenGL driver. Significantly, it works in Virtual PC (which has an emulated S3 graphics chip). It also runs over RDP.

As a result I've added a dedicated download page to my site which you can see here:


Does this make it clear enough? I've been looking at the site so long I can no longer really see it! If anyone can spare the time give me some feedback on this site that would be great, the more brutal at the better.

I was wondering if anyone would mind giving the software version a try and let me know what  sorts of frame rates you get in the program? Is the software version fast  enough to be usable on your system? How long does it take to render?

Many thanks in advance for any help you can offer with testing. If you have any additional feedback on the software that would be great.
Andrew Gibson Send private email
Saturday, May 04, 2013
Why don't you just have an option in your app to use hardware or software rendering. When the user starts your app the first time do a quick test of both and choose the faster one.

In other words, don't make your users think.
Wyatt O'Day Send private email
Saturday, May 04, 2013
My graphics card is a Radeon HD 5450 w/512MB  DDR3.  The difference between hardware accelerated and the software OpenGL version is huge.  Hardware accelerated: everything is instant.  Not hardware accelerated, it takes almost a second for sliders to respond to the mouse.  Because there isn't any HID drawing, just loading graphic files and making adjustments to the rendered image, I could still use the software GL driver version if I had no choice, but it certainly wouldn't be my preference.

The website is informative and looks polished.  The video is easy to follow.  In Firefox, the body text is a bit too small.  I didn't notice anything warning that the gray spots are only part of the demo version, it might not hurt to mention that so demo users don't think that is a bug in the software.  Now that I've tried the accelerated version, I'm impressed.
RGlasel Send private email
Saturday, May 04, 2013
Thanks the the feedback. We've never had any trouble with OpenGL hardware acceleration on ATI/AMD graphics cards. They just seem to work rock solid with OpenGL. Intel chips on the other hand are an endless nightmare of bugs that they publicly admit they will never fix.

The software rendering works pretty well on quad core systems with a frame rate of around 10 - 15 FPS.

I'm hoping to be able to add software fallback to the hardware accelerated version at a later stage. I just got a massive wake up call when I found out that the vast majority of current generation PC's have terrible integrated Intel graphics!
Andrew Gibson Send private email
Sunday, May 05, 2013

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