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New app to help identify cross-browser problems

We've just released 1.0 of our new web application to help identify cross-browser specific problems.

Somebody interested in taking a look at the website? The url is: http://www.crossbrowservalidator.com

I would greatly appreciate any feedback :-)
Daniel Herken Send private email
Wednesday, April 17, 2013
Home page design is clean. I understand the copy but it does not sell strong enough. It reads like a documentation.

The tag line "Automated Compatibility Testing" is somewhat misleading. At first I though it was an automated functional testing tool. If I understand it correct it just loads the web page and analyses how it rendered but does not attempt to interact with it, right? So it is basically only useful for static HTML pages not dynamic applications.

Clicking "Signup for free 30 day free trial" (2 times 'free'?) button gives server error. There is no pricing on the home page and no clear way to get to the pricing page.

The price looks terribly expensive to me. $49/mo for what? I am not sure I understand why it has to be a monthly payment anyway. Does it use cloud resources? I would expect this to be a desktop app and cost no more than $49 once for a lifetime license.

I wonder how do you do the screenshots. Do you take real screenshots of browser windows on the end user's computer? Or do you do the screenshots on server side? That could explain why you need to charge monthly.
B2B Send private email
Wednesday, April 17, 2013
How do you compare to http://www.multibrowserviewer.com? Other than the obvious (that mbv is an installed Windows application).
GregT Send private email
Wednesday, April 17, 2013
Thanks for your responses!

The Signup Server Error should be fixed now. The app takes screenshots (using the real browsers on the server side) but more important (in my opinion) is the HTML / CSS analytics which will tell you what web features you are using are not support in a specific browser.

The app needs quite a few server resources to generate the reports and screenshots therefor the monthly pricing. The feature is also included in the desktop app BrowseEmAll, but quite a few customers wished for the reporting as an online service.

MultiBrowserViewer does only take screenshots of the website but lacks the HTML / CSS analytics part
Daniel Herken Send private email
Wednesday, April 17, 2013

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