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After an exhausting few weeks after I thought the product was done, I have finally released version 1.0!

Could you guys take a quick look and let me know if I'm doing anything really wrong?  Here's the link: http://bit.ly/10XylQv

One problem I do have is when the file is downloaded I get an error message (in Chrome) that says "<the file>...is not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous." which I am sure will put a lot of people off, but I guess there's nothing I can do about that (other than wait for people to download it).
DanDan Send private email
Saturday, April 13, 2013
Congratulations on releasing it.

Here are some first impressions.

1. What does it run on? Windows? Mac? Linux? Android? IoS?

2.  While it was reasonably clear what the software was for, it wasn't clear what format it exports the finished work in. How are people going to be able to read the interactive story I have written using  your software?

3. The zip download is going to prevent some users from installing the software.

4. The .exe is not signed. This makes it very difficult to install it on a Windows 8  desktop.

5. After installing the software, I wasn't sure what to do when I ran it. You need some sort of example or tutorial that people can follow. Otherwise most people will install it and say "meh..."and uninstall it.

6. There is no documentation with the software. This is important. The software makes sense to you, but other people will not be used to your workflow or have any understanding of the design principles behind it.

7. The check for updates doesn't seem to work. It should tell me I am running the most recent version.

Where are the screenshots that show a workflow in the software? Where are the videos that show it's benefits?

Anyway I hope some of this helps.
Andrew Gibson Send private email
Saturday, April 13, 2013
1. First of all, about this page: http://www.crumblyheadgames.co.uk/buy-the-gamebook-authoring-tool:
- Replace 'Download' and 'Buy' links by buttons.
- Show your price on this page.
- I think you should create two separate pages, 'Download' and 'Buy', because downloading and purchasing is a two different steps.

2. Make your font bigger, and you should know: serif fonts is not best choise for websites.

3. About the page: http://www.crumblyheadgames.co.uk/contact:
- Why to place email-subscribe form here, if this form is already placed at right sidebar?

4. There is a screenshot: http://www.crumblyheadgames.co.uk/2013/03/12/first-look-at-gamebook-authoring-tool.
You should place it in more visible place. Visitor should be able to view it on some permanent page, not only in blog post.

Hope this help.
Denis Shevchenko Send private email
Saturday, April 13, 2013
And one more thing...

You write: SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER! But after it, you write: "Sign up to our mailing list..."

'Newsletter' and 'mailing list' is not the same things... You should be more precise.
Denis Shevchenko Send private email
Saturday, April 13, 2013
> (in Chrome) that says "<the file>...is not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous.

There's some advice on this here....


.. these guys are talking about the mime type being the cause which sounds odd to me but you could change it to see if that works. It's pretty easy to change a mime type based on the file extension in apache.

But... personally I would sign it and not ship it in a zip.

- When you don't sign you reduce your installs.
- Putting it in a zip file increases the number of steps to for the user and will probably reduce installs.

Also, I would make how to download much clearer on your site. I had to study it for several seconds to figure out how to download. Lot's of people will drop out of the funnel this way.

Each page should have a big colourful button saying something like "Download Free Trial". Stand several feet away from your screen, if you can't clearly see what you're supposed to do next it isn't clear enough.

btw, congratulations - getting v1.0 out is a massive milestone - you deserve a beer.
Jonathan Matthews Send private email
Saturday, April 13, 2013
Good job. Here are some of my comments:

1. No screenshots or videos are available from the main page. Some people will go away because of this.

2. No price on the Buy page, I clicked "Buy a license code" and it shows
"The GameBook Authoring Tool $29.00 Yearly
First Year $59.00"
That's confusing.

3. When I click "Get GBAT" it opens a page titled "Buy the gamebook authoring tool" - some people may leave at this point because it's not obvious you have a free version or demo available.
Kuzmitskiy Dmitry Send private email
Sunday, April 14, 2013
You guys are tremendous.  Thank you all for taking the time to have a look and coming back with really good, thoughtful feedback.
DanDan Send private email
Sunday, April 14, 2013
1. I think you need a sales page for the product instead of a blog style. I'm not sure about your budget and if you can hire a professional for that, but a cheap theme from a themes marketplace can get almost there.

2. I have a 4Mbps connection and yet I'm downloading at a speed of 80Kb/sec. You might want to check on that or improve your bandwidth.

3. The Chrome warning is far from bad. It warns two times. I think you should do something about it. I happen to download not so common files and not get this warning.

4. Why a ZIP? I don't have time to unzip it. Just provide the .MSI.
Abid Omar Send private email
Monday, April 15, 2013
Thanks again for all of your feedback . I've made the website improvements you suggested, and the website feels a load better now. 
Help files and tutorials are scheduled but I decided to hold off on these "features" to get the product out!
DanDan Send private email
Friday, April 19, 2013

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