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Test page builder, anyone?

I have an idea to test.

I'd like to put a one-page site with idea explanation and a email collection form, as often advised.

Are there any services that provide a ready-to-use templates for such a purpose? I'd like to point my domain to their page, they'd host the email collection script and whatnot.

I checked a few landing page services, but they assume that the page is, well, _landing_ page, i.e. brings in immediate money, so the price is higher than I like, traffic limitations are lower than I like (e.g. 500 visitors a month for $9/mo), and email form is nowhere to be seen.

(Not that $9 are any serious money, I'd just like to have say 10-20-50 idea pages to host at a time to see which one has a potential).

Does anyone know the most time-efficient way to test an idea?
Vladimir Dyuzhev Send private email
Thursday, March 28, 2013
I'm rebooting my business, starting again from zero on a new project. I always edited my pages manually using Dreamweaver, this time I forced myself to learn and use WordPress. Then I used the new Google Tag Manager to manage Google Analytics integration.

It was a bit hard at the beginning, but now I recon that it's very easy to maintain and grow the site. Get a $9 hosting account that supports WordPress, install a theme for landing pages and install some form plugin.
Mauricio Macedo Send private email
Thursday, March 28, 2013
I keep seeing launchrock pages, so that might be something to look at, as I believe it is free to use right now: http://launchrock.co/
Scorpio Send private email
Thursday, March 28, 2013

That seems like about 10 minutes work. Why don't you do it yourself? Or have I missed something?
Craig Welch Send private email
Saturday, April 06, 2013

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