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New site for .NET developers. Need a fresh look.

Couple weeks ago we`ve opened a new site for .NET developers - http://www.NetDeveloperTools.com
We plan to have there a bunch of top-notch tools that`ll save time of any .NET developer in his day work. Now there`s only two tools available but we`re working on extending the list.
The community here is very helpful and I`m asking your advise again: how the site is looking for you? Is there`s all clearly understandable (products` goal and features, licensing options, etc.)? Does the English text look good (it`s my foreign language)? What do you think about price, is it cheap or expensive? should I provide a lifetime license (it`s a new option for me comparing with one-time-price or subscription-based earlier)?

Thanks in advance!
ARMSoft Send private email
Thursday, February 07, 2013
Developer tools - I always perceived that as a tough market to tackle.

I am on a team developing an ASP.NET Saas application which requires the functionality your two tools provide so that the entire application can be automatically deployed to dev machines, test servers and production.  The application consists of the website,  SQL Server databases, Windows services, data warehouse, analysis services, etc.

However currently we are satisfying that need with a couple scripts and a deploy tool that we wrote. I think this is a typical problem selling to developers - they will always prefer to write something on their own unless it is a serious time saver. The problem those tools tackle (replacing text in a file) may seem too trivial for lots of developers to pony up cash.

The website looks OK but you can definitely tell that a non-English speaker wrote the copy.
Craig A Send private email
Thursday, February 07, 2013
There are actually plenty of tools that transform, inset, delete, append, modify, and convert text and other data in multiple files in various ways.

Not least is Batch Files (http://www.binarymark.com/Products/BatchFiles/default.aspx) - the tool I helped develop and the one I am using for such needs. It also support renaming, RegEx, and advanced processing modes (like scheduled, automatic, etc.)
George Send private email
Friday, February 08, 2013

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