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Interview with Adam Smith (Xobni founder and hackepreneur)

Hi everyone,

Ryan and I posted the second episode of The Doc Report featuring a fascinating interview with Adam Smith (founder of Xobni, Y Combinator grad, and hackeprenuer).

Adam's been "in stealth mode" since leaving Xobni over a year ago -- thinking of new BIG problems to solve to discover his "next big thing."

He shares his thoughts  around several "themes"  including:

*What's the deal with speech recognition and why isn't the state of the art where we all thought it would be by now

*Entrepreneuship versus joining a startup... including thoughts about why recent CS grads tend to be startup adverse when they should be the inverse.

*What's  broken with the current  recruiting and online dating business models (*very interesting* as they share similar properties)

*Building a sustainable software business (niche itch vs. the big scratch)

*Why no one wants your software ;)

Adam was nice enough to provide our "Dysfunctional Fractoid" trivia question. I'm sure many of you who've been around awhile will know the answer off the top of your head. You'll get a good laugh.  ;)

Full show notes (as well as direct download, streaming, and subscription links) are available at: http://thedocreport.com/2011/08/30/tdr-2-interview-with-adam-smith-founder-of-xobni-hackepreneur/

Direct mp3 download: http://thedocreport.com/downloads/tdr-doc-report-episode-2-adam-smith-founder-xobni-conversation.mp3

Podcast feed URL: http://feeds.feedburner.com/thedocreportpodcast

Audio is much improved! We still need to get my lows up and my highs down.  As well as getting the right transcription service that works for what we need.

Please let us know what you think, all feedback is greatly appreciated! :)

Thanks and be well!

Doc "Dr." Apps

(Moderators: We think this information is quite useful for the crowd here, but understand if you want to delete/hide this thread.)
Dr. Apps Send private email
Thursday, September 08, 2011
This podcast is really interesting.. a smart person with insights into technology.

You should do more like this, find some smart young developer and ask them what they are interested in.
Sam H Send private email
Friday, September 09, 2011

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