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I didn't know how bad shareit's service is until now.

I didn't know how bad shareit's service is until recently I had to forward a PO to them to process from a customer.

* 9 days ago I wanted the PO to shareit.com with all necessary info.

*. Few days later I asked them if they received my email since I _got no response_, they replied that they got it and have forwarded it to the appropriate department to handle the order.

* Several more days later I got no news thus asked them the status, they said "would you send us that PO again"? WTF and I did.

* But still got no response until this moment.
Edwin Send private email
Wednesday, September 23, 2009
I just got to use this thread to say how happy I am with FastSpring.

Switch to them

Right now.

I made the move at the start of this year, and at the time I was very cautious. I had never heard of them before, and I didn't want my money going through some stranger.

After using them for a month with one product I started the difficult work of moving all of my products over to them (They were all hard coded to regnow in many different ways)

After all of these months now I can't tell you how good they have been - at helping with custom settings, getting my order template changed when I need it  - blocking fraud (They are really good at this..very few false positives). They always answer your questions within 24 hours...but usually within moments.

They will work for every penny you send to them.
Steve Wiseman Send private email
Wednesday, September 23, 2009
FastSpring is the best payment processor I've ever tried.
We're still using ShareIt for some of our products, but we're going to switch completely once FastSpring adds recurring payment support.
Vadim Send private email
Wednesday, September 23, 2009
Another +1 for FastSpring.... their support is astounding, both at setup & in use. I'm still using ShareIt as a backup for purchase orders but as as soon as FastSpring bring in full support for these I'll use them as my only payment processor.
Jonathan Matthews Send private email
Wednesday, September 23, 2009
Correction - I've just had an email conversation with Ken from FastSpring... they do actually support PO's, the only issue is that non-US customers need to use a card (no checks) to pay their invoice.

Personally I suspect that on balance that will get me more satisfied customers that using ShareIt for PO's so I'm going to switch to being a FastSpring only shop with my next release.

btw... now that's a great comment on the FastSpring service, Ken was able to clear this up for me within about an hour of my initial request & that's including me going back several times with supplemental questions.
Jonathan Matthews Send private email
Wednesday, September 23, 2009
Hey guys,

Just wanted to give some heads up that we support PO for clients from any location worldwide without any limitation of any payment method to complete the purchase (wire,ach,check,cash,webmoney or paypal).

In addition I dont think that there is any feature you can think off that we didnt develop or will gladly develop for you in days, after all thats the only way for us to get better.

Please also take a look on the super flexible and first smart order pages out there.

Another important thing we support is personal attention, support reply in up to 2 hours, but usually much faster.

take a look, worse case you lose a few minutes ;)

Matthew Silverman Send private email
Wednesday, September 23, 2009
Update: Shareit finally got back to me and they said they cannot process the PO as the vendor info listed on the PO is not them! This is the only result we got for over 10 days!
Edwin Send private email
Wednesday, September 23, 2009
Hey Edwin,

If you wish we can process this PO for you in a day, you dont even have to compete keep working with us, just be glad to assist you with this one, sign up for an account, send you client the link again or even fill his information for him and email me so i will tell accounting that this one should be processed and that money should be sent to you without delays.

Matthew Silverman Send private email
Thursday, September 24, 2009
PayPro looks interesting - it's not an option I'd heard of before.

I'd love to switch to Fastspring, but I've been waiting for a year for them to support the key features that share-it currently offer.  For example, purchase orders are very important for selling B2B software, and partial support (no cheque payments from outside the US) just isn't really enough to go ahead with.  Great customer support is great and all, but online transactions usually work just fine whether the support is great or not - it's things like POs where support really matters.

Matthew, with regard to PayPro, let me point out a few good things and a few bad things that I as a prospective customer see from looking at your website.

- You take purchase orders.
- You have addresses in multiple countries.  (You've got a UK address which is great for us, as a UK company.)
- You appear to have a system for tracking and paying affiliates.  We have our own in-house affiliate tracking system but presumably we'd be able to integrate with yours so long as all your ordering methods take an affiliate ID.
- You take orders over the phone.  My company sells $500 B2B software and often people like to be able to call to place an order rather than doing it online.
- You do subscription billing (we're planning a subscription-billing product).
- You collect VAT.  We really *like* the reseller model - it makes accounting so much easier (I'm assuming you do the reseller model).

- You don't have any published rates.  Uh oh, that indicates to me that means you're probably very expensive, and that I'll have to talk to a sales guy to find out for sure.
- You've got addresses in multiple countries but it's not clear whether a UK customer can send a PO to your London address and have it processed.
- You take POs, but it's not clear if you have a good system for issuing written quotes.  Most POs we receive come from organizations that have got a written quote and passed it on to their purchasing department.
- Your only listed telephone number is the US/Canada number.  We want customers in major countries (particularly the UK) to be able to call a local number, even if it's just a VOIP redirect.  Even if they don't call it, we at least want to be able to *show* them a local number...  It's reassuring for people to think they're dealing with a company with a presence in their country.
- You've got some simple spelling and grammatical mistakes on your website.  IMO that doesn't inspire confidence in a business where confidence and trust are super important.
- Your website has PR0.  I hate to pay too much attention to the green bar, but PR0 suggests that it's highly likely that you're either completely new or barely known.  (Of course the underlying concern being that you're not profitable and that you'll fold soon after we switch our rather-complicated ordering and affiliate process over to your system.)

Please do correct any erroneous statements above, and think of them as constructive feedback rather than criticism for the sake of it :)
MB Send private email
Thursday, September 24, 2009
Thanks Matthew Silverman.

FastSpring seems to have a good word of mouth.
Edwin Send private email
Thursday, September 24, 2009

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