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Client-Server Windows App on EC2?

I have a client-server windows app that I'd like to offer on the web, but which I do not want to rewrite (life is too short).  Amazon EC2 looks promising, with the database on EBS.  I'd like to start by using EC2 to run trials, which otherwise are a miserable download and install for the prospect.

Has anyone done this sort of thing successfully?  What are the gotchas?
Joe Landau Send private email
Thursday, September 17, 2009
Not sure i understand, are you proposing to sell your desktop app as a running instance in the cloud with the user remoting in to use it?
Floyd Price - www.componentworkshop.com Send private email
Friday, September 18, 2009
Well, you can probably make a preconfigured AMI (Amazon Machine Image) with your App installed and ask your customers to run it when they want to evaluate the software.  They will have to connect to the running instance of EC2 using remote desktop. However, your customers will need Amazon Web Services accounts  and starting/ running EC2 is not an easy task if you never done it before. What's more your customers will have to pay for running EC2 and evaluate the software. You will also have to pay storage fee for keeping AMI on Amazon Servers.  I would not recommend to go this route.
Niko Send private email
Saturday, September 19, 2009
Floyd--I would like to sell it as a running instance in the cloud, recognizing that I would have to buy persistent EBS to hold the data base.  But to begin with I would like to set it up for user trials, to avoid the download/install of SQL Server (which is a horrendous burden on a trial user, and anything but foolproof).

Nico--It's precisely all that hassle that I am looking for a way to deal with.    A good alternative to using AWS would be welcome, but so far the prices of hosted Terminal Server-type services have seemed significantly higher than Amazon; that's one reason I have been looking at AWS.  If you have recommendations, I'd like to know.
Joe Landau Send private email
Monday, September 21, 2009

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