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Evaluate my idea please - Chartify

A lot of applications use charting libraries. Most of these libraries need the data in xml format that the application generates by quering the DB, etc.

I am thinking of a "product" that will take the pain out of generating these data xmls that feed the charting components

How it will work is something like this
-You install this as a webapp under your app server OR install it as a standalone (with emdedded tomcat)
-Login to create a chart configuration
    -You will be able to select the chart vendor and chart type (e.g. fusioncharts v3, Column 3D )
    -Select/configure a datasource (SQL, CSV)
    -Map the datasource (columns) to the chart x and y axis and more. (any information that you can provide to the chart)
    -When you save this config, you get a URL
-Now in your application, you just call this URL rather than writing custom code to create the data xml
-It will generate various types of urls. e.g. one url will provide just the raw data that you can club together with the chart in your application. another url will directly display the chart itself. etc.

Other benefits
    -Your analysts can configure charts (you dont  have to be a developer to create charts using fusioncharts)
    -All charts configuration in your organization are now centralized.
    -No coding required.

Price points will be
    sub $100 range for a developer
    few hundreds for a bunch of developers
    $1000+ for enterprise/corporates

Will be available as a SaaS (mostly for trial. I doubt its usefulness in production environment)

I think the main difficultly would be "how to license a java web application" but I am thinking users can play with the online version and then "pay to download" when they are ready to buy.

What do you think? Worth pursing or useless?
Chartify Send private email
Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I'm a .NET developer and have used charting components a lot of times. For me at least, each third party component I use is a solution but also a pain (a black box I cannot control, another API to learn, another artifact to distribute and upgrade).

IMHO the pain you are solving is smaller than the pain of adding another component to the solution stack.

Javier Send private email
Wednesday, September 09, 2009
Hi Chartify,

The uptime of a good standalone app is 100%
The uptime of a web app depending on a good server is 99.9%
What shall the users do 0.1% of the time?

MCoder Send private email
Thursday, September 10, 2009
I don't quite understand what you are trying to say. (but would like to)
The target market will be the one where charts data is always generated on the server. But with custom code and no "centralization" i.e. each developer, each application does its own thing to come up with chart data.

My product will not require individual apps to "do their own thing" to come up with chart data. But yes, it will still run on the server.
Chartify Send private email
Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's OK :o)
I just wanted to say that the less dependencies you make on yout application, the better. Maintenance-wise and usability-wise.

MCoder Send private email
Friday, September 11, 2009

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