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Product Naming and SEO Question

I have a Subversion management application called Sublime.  Many Subversion-based products end in SVN i.e. VisualSVN, WebSVN, etc.  I didn't want to do this with Sublime because I wanted the name to pop on its own.  Now I'm worried that I may have made a mistake.

Most users coming to my site from google are searching for Sublime the band.  I get a lot of searches for "Sublime Download" and "Sublime Tour".  I have both those pages, but they obviously aren't what people are looking for when they search for Sublime Tour.

I'm wondering if I should refer to Sublime as SublimeSVN to avoid this confusion.

On the other hand, I'm not sure that SublimeSVN would help more people find the site from google either.  I would probably reduce the hits from people looking for band-related info, but I'm  not sure it would do anything else to boost traffic from people I want hitting my site.

Any suggestions?
Glen Cooper Send private email
Thursday, September 03, 2009
go with submlinesvn, it sounds  fine to me
and if it is a management tool for svn, then you can't really go wrong with svn in the name.

anyone who uses svn will know straight away that is has something to do with svn
bumperbox Send private email
Thursday, September 03, 2009
Glen : you can optimise for sublime svn without changing your product name.  Just go for a page Url like 'sublime-svn-solution' or similar.  Just work in a way to phrase sublime and svn and even source control into your primary SEO fields like Url, page title, meta description and page headings.  You probably should be doing this anyway, if you aren't getting targeted enough traffic.

As for the band traffic, I had a similar problem with a car manufacturer which google helpfully ranked my site high for on a common misspelling.  I constructed a 'catch' page and optimised that within my site.  It wasn't in the site menus but got most of the unwanted google traffic as it was in my google xml sitemap.  Because you're ranking high for the band name (and not because of incoming links) then by optimsing one page even more for the band (ie, page title: Sublime Band Music Downloads Touring, Url : sublime_band) you should be able to direct most of the band traffic to this 'honeypot' page, while leaving the rest of your site to the svn traffic.  It also helps with analysing your traffic because the "noise" of unwanted traffic is concentrated on a single page in your site.

With my site, on my honey-pot page,  I just signed up with adwords and put in a big banner ad along with some generic text (I think a rewrite of the first paragraph on wikipedia), which most people then redirected off to get where they were going.  They either bounced or clicked one of the links.  It never made any real money (maybe a few bucks a month) but it was the easiest way to deal with the traffic.  Eventually I think Google got bored or figured it out and I no longer rank well for that term, which is funny because they were making money off it, but I guess they may have made more from a better page somewhere else.  If you have a philosophical objection to adwords arbitrage, you can just include some wikipedia links, or links to the band page itself.  The traffic will divert through your site and you can get on to the job of selling software.
Bruce Chapman Send private email
Thursday, September 03, 2009

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