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software Feedback needed ?

I have just launched my shareware (xNeat windows manager) ..
could be found here http://www.xneat.com/

I would like to have your feedback regarding

1- Price ? is the price ok for this windows utility ?

2- Having free Lite & Shareware Pro is a good idea ? i did that cause the freeware xNeat exists long time ago, i added more features, changed the design and packed it as shareware, i though removing the prev. freeware completely would be a bad idea so i named it Lite.

3- the website design ? you have any comments regarding the current design ?


Any tips or ideas regarding SEO or Marketing ?

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards

Friday, August 22, 2008
When I open it in my notebook (Vista, Firefox, 1280 X 800), half of the screen space is taken up by the logo and the "Hello...". I would suggest mentioning what your product does instead. Also, the bookmark "section" in unnecessary in my opinion.
Anindya Mozumdar Send private email
Friday, August 22, 2008
Random thoughts - I'll go through the negatives first as they are always easier ;)

Homepage graphic http://s9.addthis.com/button1-bm.gif in top left corner doesn't load.

Screenshot is VERY blurred rendering it pretty useless.

Don't understand your features (until seeing the demo)
- Click through it
- Roll up window
- Clone file names while saving them
Friday, August 22, 2008
The website design is nice.  I also like the video demos.
The screenshot is a little foggy though.  Looks like a good product, but I think 24.99 is probably too much. I think the price should be somewhere around 9.95 to 14.95.
ScottK Send private email
Friday, August 22, 2008
"Hello. Welcome to xNeat.com
Professional software products and computer services"

Neither of these add value but take up valuable real estate.

It is not clear to me what your application does until I play your video and then I have to click the demo button twice before it plays.

Get rid of the greeter text and tell me what it is and who it's for.
Friday, August 22, 2008
Really nice site design. And fittingly, 'neat' is exactly how I would describe the product.

Like a previous poster, I think $24-95 is perhaps at the upper edge of what this could sell for.
Tim Haughton Send private email
Friday, August 22, 2008
Some advices for the homepage.

**Make good use of the space "above the fold".
1. "Hello..." and and the subtitle should be replaced with more important product slogan.
2. Replace the two cartoons with product related images or demos, maybe move the flash demo to the upper right corner.

**Bold important words or sentences on the page.

Bob Walsh said, try to hook the user as quickly as possible.

BTW, what tool did you use to make the demo?

Just my 2 cents...
Edwin Yip | Mind Mapping Made Easy Send private email
Friday, August 22, 2008
Forgot to say, I'm surprised that your "generator" tag = EditPlus.
Edwin Yip | Mind Mapping Made Easy Send private email
Friday, August 22, 2008
I like the design of the application, but most of the features is not for me.

I like:
- Rightclick Titelbar and the options. If possible, make double rightclick minimize.
- Ability to rearrange running apps on task bar, tray, hide. Would newer use transparency, rolled.
- Append date, but useless to me because I seldom uses dates in file names. The few cases I do, ex. when printing on line receipts to file, I always Prepends. Ex. "20080822 - New Camera.pdf".

What I would like so much that I might buy.
- Price around $10-15
- Append version number to filename, with ability to edit the Version mask, and increasing version number.
Ex."Ver. ###" becomming "Ver. 001", "Ver. 002",
or "Ver. ##.#" with ability to increase minor/major version

And last. I only have a right windows (or is it left windows, don't remember, keyboard did not have any so i have assigned a unused key. and "Windows+Space does not work for me.

Good luck.
Thomas Møller Jensen Send private email
Friday, August 22, 2008
On the front page:

"Its neat. Compact and combines many useful programs into one."

This should probably be:

"It's neat, compact and combines many useful programs into one."
Helpful Hint
Friday, August 22, 2008
First thanks all for your very valuable feedback.

@ Anindya Mozumdar
Thanks a lot for your feedback. i will discuss it with my

partner ..

Regarding the bookmarks i *think* it is must cause for

example if you have been added in stumbleupon you will

get thousands of hits.

@ Ron

i hosted the image that doesn't load on my webhost now

thanks :)

i have updated the screenshot a little bit. and make it

revolver, home it is ok now ? actualyy resizing the

screenshot remove alot of details.

mmmm, acutlly i find the text very boring that is why i

used the Demos.. ( a lot of features needs to be added to

the video , i am working on them now ).
i think the video is enough .. do you ?

you downloaded the application ? or you judged from the

website ?

@ Scottk

Thanks Scottk i have updated the screenshot

mmmm regarding the price ... ( i will leave it this way

and see .. , also a lot of features still needs to be

despostrated ( i am working on them ) ..

@ basildon

thanks basildon i will discuss this with my partner ( she

is the designer :)

clicking twice on the start demo button is a bug in IE ..

i am working on it ..

@ Tim Haughton

another comment about the price :)..
"if 10 people think you are mad, then it is better to

pretend you are mad"

i think i may change the price but
you downloaded the application ? or you judged from the

website ?

as a lot of features still need a video.

@ Edwin Yip | Mind Mapping Made Easy

i agree with you Hello should be replaced i will discuss

it with my partner.

regarding the cartoons i will leave them i simply love

this style ( hope it doesn't affect the product )

thanks again for your advise

for the demo i did it using Demo Builder
for the html why surprised !! for using editPlus ..

actully i write the html using editplus. and only used

dreamweaver for making templates.
i used to do things the hard way !!

btw take a look at the program interface it is totally

written using HTML & Javascript !!!

if you are still reading check this website


@ Thomas Møller Jensen

thanks Thomas.

Regarding appending the version number ( actully this could be added very easy , as xNeat is scriptable , but i didn't expose it in the shareware version to protect the source code ) i think exposing the script engine so user can customize it will add a lot , thanks ;)

If any key combination doesn't work (Windows+Space) , try recapturing them in
Home -> Hot Keys -> hotmenu -> Key

@ Helpful Hint

i have changed it , thanks :)


Thanks all for the feedback any negative feedback is more the welcomed .

Again thanks a lot all .

Best Regards
Friday, August 22, 2008
How is this going to make my life better?
I serious. I don't understand why I would buy it.
Joe Knapp Send private email
Friday, August 22, 2008
I'm not sure - certainly very neat but I really need to discuss this with my partner.
Partners forever
Saturday, August 23, 2008

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