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Software Proposal sample, template

Do you know where I can get a good software development poposal template or sample to submit a bid to my client? I am new to doing contract software development on the side. Customer has already developed detailed functional requirement spec, but asked me for a proposal for bidding? This is for a rather complex piece of software.

Jackie Send private email
Thursday, June 19, 2008
ScottK Send private email
Thursday, June 19, 2008
In addition to the technical proposal template Scott pointed to earlier, make sure you are hitting the key sales points that will help your customer actually read that proposal.  You may want to preface a template like that with a brief executive summary that hits on the key points that will make your customer keep reading:

- What is their pain point that your service or product is addressing?  Would be great if you can word it in the actual words that you heard from the client.

- Clearly articulate your value proposition and specific benefit to the customer.  Yes, this really should be spelled out (even if you think it's obvious from a technical perspective, the customer may not) and make it as quantitative as possible if you can.  If you can talk about ROI metrics even better.  And think about all the stakeholders in the purchase (if there are more than one)... you must have a reason for each one of them to want to buy your proposal.

More info on tips for writing a good software proposal here: http://www.software-marketing-advisor.com/software-proposal.html
Joanna Lees Castro Send private email
Friday, June 20, 2008

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