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hi all,
i want to a resource to help me optimize our website and increase its rank in google search engine.
please introduce any website or resource or e-book to help me about this problem.

Mahmoodi Abolfazl Send private email
Wednesday, March 05, 2008
SEO can be a bit overwhelming: there's just too many things you can do, so it's easy to get lost.

SEO is not rocket science, and trust me, there are no shortcuts: it's a lot of daily grunt work and results only come with perseverance and patience.

I strongly recommend you start with this book "Search engine optimization, an hour a day". It will give you goals and most important of all, it will give you a method and timetable to reach them and metrics to measure your progress.

I'm about to start a huge revamping of my site, mostly with seo in mind, and I'll post my results on  a blog, so follow and see what works and what doesn't.
Fernando Rodriguez (EasyJob Resume Builder) Send private email
Wednesday, March 05, 2008
Hi Fernando.

I would be interested in following your efforts.  Where's your blog?
MonkeySpank Send private email
Wednesday, March 05, 2008
i am waiting for your result.
Mahmoodi Abolfazl Send private email
Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Get this book and consume it. Follow all the links.  Enlightenment will come.
Wednesday, March 05, 2008
How long is a SEO book good for?  It seems the search engines are constantly tweaking the algoritms to battle people trying to beat the system.  I would think this material gets outdated rather soon.
M.J. Schenkel Send private email
Wednesday, March 05, 2008
Black hat tricks don't last long, but the fundamentals of most non-dodgy SEO are unlikely to stop working any time soon:

- basic on-page optimization to ensure that search engines know what your pages are about.
- ensuring that your site can be spidered properly, and that the most important pages appear that way to search engines (i.e. getting your link equity in the places it matters most).
- understanding link profiles, and what they can tell a search engine about a site.
- making valuable content that people will want to consume.
- influencing people into linking to you.

Learn about all of those, and you're a long way ahead of most in the SEO game.
MB Send private email
Wednesday, March 05, 2008
In other words, it's becoming harder and harder to manipulate the system, so SEO is becoming more and more about winning by following the system's rules.
MB Send private email
Wednesday, March 05, 2008
I think the best place to start is here:


It will give you an over view of dos and do nots.

Good luck,
Oliver Send private email
Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Nowhere...yet. :-)  I hope to move my personal website to a virtual server next week, and setup a blog. If everything works fine, I'll move my main site there.

Then I'll start bloging on my seo efforts. I'll post a message here to let you know.
Fernando Rodriguez (EasyJob Resume Builder) Send private email
Wednesday, March 05, 2008
I am interested in this subject too, will give these a try. I read on Yahoo Answer that http://www.seocompany.ca/tool/seo-tools.html is a good resource, any one try it?
Dan H Send private email
Thursday, March 06, 2008
SEOBook.com and SEOMoz.org are good sources. You may also visit http://www.google-success.com for free tips on Search Engine Optimization and Marketing.
Google SEO Tips Send private email
Saturday, March 08, 2008
Thanks for the mention. :)

As far as how long SEO Books are good for, that depends on how in depth they go. For high level corporate strategy a few major changes a year may happen, but for individuals running thin affiliate sites and whatnot things change far more frequently.

I no longer sell SEO Book as a stand alone product though. I sell it as part of my SEO training program http://training.seobook.com/
which I can update many times each month, as it is modular and CMS based, powered by Drupal.
aaron wall Send private email
Saturday, March 15, 2008

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