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AdWords - Is it worth it!

I know there have been hundreds of discussion, pro and con, for and against Google Ad Words and SEO and marketing in general. But have a question...

I quit AdWords last winter and since have seen software sales go up, and thats with almost no marketing online, other than a small keyword rich web site I built myself. I really worked hard at it for some months and analyzed how I used their two systems and tried many things, and even though got a good wide range of hits and visitors, never got my money back in sales from it.

Now, I want to increase my marketing, with minimal spending of course, but dont want to pour more money into something which for me did not prove financially beneficial. I know AdWords is a complex topic, so my question is, is there people on here who saw negative results, but then, changing something they did, slowly saw that turn to a poistive, rather than a negative experience, like mine has?

If I dont see poitive returns, Ill continue to avoid Google's solutions and use other marketing solutions.
Saturday, December 15, 2007
Do you track where your sales come from?
We put a ?REF=GoogleAds tag in our google ads.

1. For us Google ads pay for themselves many times over. (We track the source of sales)
2. We get many more x the sales from natural search. We really intended to use Adwords as a research tool (to find good keywords for SEO).
3. It's possible that some of the folks who click on our ads might have just clicked on our natural search results.  So even though we might see $x in sales from Adwords, if we cancelled the ads perhaps those folks would just find us in the natural search.

However, we did sell $2,000 worth of software recently to someone who found us through a search term that advertise on in Adwords but don't rank well for in adwords.
Mr. Analogy Send private email
Saturday, December 15, 2007
Mr. Analogy, what you describe is exactly what I experienced, to a degree.

Natural search (SEO) returns more value than AdWords, period.

You did say your returns fro  AdWords seemed to apy for your results, but not like natural search. Thats my point. I think investing in solid SEO then combined with other marketing strategies makes more sense to me.
Saturday, December 15, 2007
The very short answer 90% correct: it worth it

key thing is to track where sales are coming from
use Google Analytics for this - it works great in conjunction with Google Adwords

Thats actually a matter of analysis

there is concept "marketing/sales channel" - you need to identify who is buying your software, where he came from, what country, what language etc

I suggest to add GA now and after you get some data to analyze - start more detailed analysis, don't forget about conversion tracking (key thing)

Try different channels - adwords, ms adcenter, yahoo marketing, adbrite etc - in most cases you don't care who is selling your software as long as cost per sale is lower then your income (which should be close to 90%)

Then come here for help on analyaing the results
Ruslan Savchyshyn Send private email
Saturday, December 15, 2007
Adwords. A while ago I caught one of my campaigns with a "200 percent" CTR. 2 clicks on one impression. Normally, you don't see that sort of thing since it gets lost in the mix, but it happens.
my name is here
Saturday, December 15, 2007
99.9999998% of my sales are from Adwords paid clicks.

But that said.. i have not yet submitted my software to download sites..  or any other form of marketing.

Adwords rox.

my adwords return on investment is over 1300%
Sunday, December 16, 2007

I know it's a recurring topic, but I'll say it one more time: there is more to marketing than keyword optimizations.

Actual communication: becoming "buddies" with influential people. I don't mean going out at night and having a drink with journalists. We entered the 21st century: while the relationship is now mostly online (through blogs and e-mails), it's not all Google and its fancy algorithms.

Who talks about your product. Who likes your product. In the end, behind the computer, the HTML and the keywords are real people with real emotions.

Programmers, when given the choice between beating an algorithm (Google search) or talking to a person, tend to pick the first option. The good news is that to be ahead of the game, you just need to be aware of this.
The FairSoftware Guy Send private email
Sunday, December 16, 2007
Talking to people also has the happy side effect of helping you win the algorithm game, too.
Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator) Send private email
Sunday, December 16, 2007

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