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Push download or buy in the homepage?


Should we place the obvious Download button or Buy Now button in the homepage? Or both? I currently has the Buy Now button only in the homepage (regardless of the navigation menu), please check my website http://www.innovationgear.com

Also, as I have recently seen some posts seeking reviews and they got a lot of excellent feedbacks, so would you guys do this for my site too? :-)

Edwin Send private email
Wednesday, December 12, 2007
First make sure that any major elements are not misspelled. "See the big picture" not "See the big picuture".

"Contact Us" is more familiar than "Contacts".

Apart from that your site seems to be slick and informative.

I would suggest that the "download" link should be more emphasised. Probably have a download button just under the purchase button.

Patrick's Bingo card program is probably a good example:
Andrew Send private email
Wednesday, December 12, 2007
Having both download and buy now buttons would be a good idea.

The buy now button is hard to see as it is the same colour as the background.  Also try a rollover to make it stand out.

Site looks good.
Ben Martin Send private email
Wednesday, December 12, 2007
ok.. your site is officially my favorite site of the day. :)

few suggestions tough..
the texture applied to the 3d box cover is fuzzy and faded.. / blured..  need a clean crisp box screenshot..

you should add both a download and buy now buttons to homepage..

unless.  most of your visitors just buy before trying..
u need to collect some stats on that before you decide.

I'm actually thinking of redesigning my site.. would you mind if I take a few ideas from your website?

any reason you have your setup file zipped?  thats an extra hurdle some people have to jump trough.. why not provide just exe?

I'm not sure if A member of Trialware Professional Association. notice and logo will build confidence in your visitors anyway.. and that looked looks so 1993 :).. remove it ;)

Also i think a DEMO as an intro to the software would be nice.. instead of demo tutorials.. just a demo of the whole idea of your software and why a visitor should pay you money for it..  30sec or 1min long.

Also Fell free to contact us at support@innovationgear.com if you have any question on using MindVisualizer.

should be Feel Free.  Fell is like falling off a building :)

also the main center image you have thats green and the 3d box next to it.  the line where the edges meet kinda looks like its missing something or oddly overlapping the main diagram.

also when u click on the Asian page..  there is no English button from that page :)  its like a vacuum that sucks you in :)

But overall nice website..

are you currently getting sales?
Wednesday, December 12, 2007
I really think the main theater needs more of a description of your offering. I glanced at it and SAW that it was a mind mapping software. But if I hadn't seen that type of software before, I would have little to NO idea what it is or does.

It is possible that your visitors may become confused as to why you are persuading them to buy your software (i.e., 8 reasons to buy) when they have no idea what you are selling.
Wednesday, December 12, 2007
Thank you all guys indeed! All of you have pointed out several issues  which should be really fixed.

To Ben,
I will not feel easy with the graphic issues, I will try anyway.

To Markito,
Thanks for the very detailed review, feel (not fell this time:-) free to collecting ideas from my site, I like it too, I chose it from a list of web 2.0 style templates available on a commercial web template site. For your 2nd question, yes.

To Jordan,
Even it's hard to describe what a visual thinking or a mind mapping software is, I will try.

Thank you all for your kind help again.
Edwin (Rapid Mind Mapping Software) Send private email
Wednesday, December 12, 2007
for the main header..  he is right.. just having the diagram was kinda confusing to me.

I couldnt quiet follow what the point of the diagram was..

here is a suggestion that litteraly doulbed my downloads..  more like 2.4x increase in downloads per day.

get SwishMax..  the flash creation tool.. very simple to learn and use.

make a flash animation header as an into to what your app does.. and replace it in the place of your diagram header.

this way.. you can have animated text.. and explanations.. and possibly show some dood.. with a bubble on his head thinking.. as you actualy build the diagram with animations. 

and then type your reasons one at a time.. animated in the header. 

people will sit there an watch.. if your first 10 seconds of the animation is "grabbing".

Well worth the few hours you will spend creating it.  Speaking for experiance.


but make it sort of like a demo of why they need this app...  not why they should buy it.

if you tell them buy it.. they will be more resistant..

if you tell them you need it.. they will be like.. damn i need this.. where is the freakin buynow button :)

oh.. its that faded green button :)  Click :)
Wednesday, December 12, 2007
Hi Markito,

Thanks. In fact I am thinking of building a more grabbing and general intro DEMO too, now I know that I have to do it soon.

I assume all visitors to my site know about mind mapping...
Edwin (Rapid Mind Mapping Software) Send private email
Wednesday, December 12, 2007

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