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Enhance google/orkut

Hi Folks,

 Just wanted to know your opinion on a couple of things
 I observe :

- There is some kind of a 'single sign-on'
  to all of google applications..what i mean is..
  if i am logged into gmail..i get logged into
  orkut straightaway..which is good..

  But the annoying part is during logout..it seems
  to be a 'single sign-off' too..:-(..i might want
  to sign out of orkut but NOT OUT OF gmail..
  today i need to relogin..

  Is this a design flaw/feature or am i missing
  some trick?

- Does it make sense to add "blogging" to
  orkut if its not already in the works?

 There is everything you can do on it..share
 media/messages/mails etc...that would be a great
 place to blog too..IMO..

 Any opinions on this?

 Looking forward to your response..

embeddedvoice Send private email
Saturday, December 01, 2007
Yes, Google has the "Google ID" which is a single-sign on to all of their applications.  However, you must also have an account in the application (they just appear to link them).  IE, having an account on gmail does NOT create an adwords account, nor does it create a blogger account.

You go create an adwords account, and then use the gmail account to access it.  Then do the same for blogger, and can now access all three with one account.

With single-sign-on, that's kinda the point, logging out of Gmail is supposed to log you out of the other apps.

As for blogging in Orkut, it's not something I use, so I can't comment on it.  Can you add a link from Orkut to Blogger?  They (Google) kinda already have a blogging tool ....
Anthony Presley Send private email
Saturday, December 01, 2007

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