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Leveraging on opensource projects - request for feedback


I initiated this thread earlier while still undecided. Thanks for all those who replied.

The product is called Marathon. It is a Java GUI testing tool that records scripts in Jython (a Java port of Python). It is currently hosted on sourceforge. I am planning to release a commercial version of Marathon sometime soon.

I have setup a website (http://www.marathontesting.com/) with details of the product. Request you to give me feedback on it.

1. Does the website look OK?
2. Does the additional features in the commercial version (Marathon-ite) are compelling enough for someone to spend $$ on it?
3. Any other suggestion?

Note: Marathon 1.0 itself will be released early next week. So the download links will show the latest version (0.92).

Thanks in advance for your time.
KD Send private email
Saturday, October 21, 2006
I was trying to find the source code download from your site that the LGPL requires, where have you put it?
Saturday, October 21, 2006
Check on the sourceforge site. Both source and binaries are available for 0.92 version. 1.0 is not yet released. This is a sneak peak so to say.
KD Send private email
Saturday, October 21, 2006
"Successful product testing not a sprint... It is a Marathon."

In English, this should read:

"Successful product testing is not a sprint... It's a Marathon."

Consider dropping the Successful too.

Also, what's that little bit of crap over the "st" in "testing"? Lose it.

The main block of text is offset at the bottom of the page in IE6.

Finally, doesn't the suffix -ite mean smaller?
Sunday, October 22, 2006
Snickers: Thanks for the feedback. I will check it out with IE6 and update it.

The little bit on top of 'st' is because of the font used. I actually liked it. If I get more negative feedback it will go.

Thanks. Keep the feedback coming.
KD Send private email
Sunday, October 22, 2006
Some random observations:

Clicking on the logo besides the tabs should go to the home page (or have an extra home tab, pre-selected by default).

The name Marathonite for the paid version sounds weird. It sounds like Marathon-lite, not a good association. Think of using something related to Marathon, eg. Ironman.

Make a screencast and link it from the front page -- make it easier for people to experience without having to download/install/try.
Ashish Kulkarni Send private email
Monday, October 23, 2006
Ashish: Thanks for the feedback.

I will checkout how I can make the logo clickable. Currently it is set as a background image on a div.

Screencast: I have plans for that.
KD Send private email
Monday, October 23, 2006

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