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MicroISV and Software events and conferences

Please contribute any software as a business related conferences, events or meet ups here:

Software Industry Conference 2008
When: July 17-18, 2008
Where: Boston, MA
More Info:
About: By all accounts, an excellent conference for microISVs
Cost: $199 USD

ISDEF Autumn 2008
Independent Software Developers Forum (ISDEF)
When: not yet announced
Where: Moscow, Russia
More Info: 

Business of Software 2008
When: September 3-4, 2008
Where: Boston, MA
More Info:
Cost: $1200

Software Business 2008
When: October 30-31
Where: San Francisco, CA
More Info:
About: a good conference for ISV's and established microISV's
Cost: $695 before Jun-22-08

European Software Conference (ESWC) 2008
When: November 8-9
Where: Berlin, Germany
More Info:
Cost: €130